audio crackling

  1. G

    Mic and Youtube window crackle when recording

    Hello. I'm getting crackling from all of my audio. My setup is: Interface (audiobox96 from presonus) Headphones out the back Rode NT1a mic Osmo Action 3 camera (in webcam mode) The problem I'm getting is when I turn on the camera, all of the audio coming from my mic and from my YouTube window...
  2. C

    OBS audio: cracking on one side.

    Hi there, I am using OBS 29.1.3 (64 bit) on a Mac mini M1, Monterey with 8 GB's of RAM. I use a couple of camera's through NDI. When I listen to the camera's on NDI video monitor, the sound seems fine. When I listen back a recording or live monitor, the right side of the audio cracks. The left...
  3. parsivan

    Audio problem help!

    Hi My setup: I have a school laptop with i3-10110U processor and intel UHD graphics that i use with a Behringer UMC1820 sound card that i connect using asio plugin to obs. I have 5 mics so 5 inputs sometimes 6. This setup has worked fine enough for school project. It's a podcast for the school...
  4. S

    Selective Audio Crackling?

    Recently I have been preparing my OBS Studio to start streaming again and in all of my test streams I have had this same, strange issue. All of my mic and source audio is coming through perfectly clean, no issues, except for my computer audio. This also only happens in the recording itself, on...
  5. D

    Detroit: Become Human voice Crackling

    Hello! I know someone who wants to record a Detroit: Become Human Video. But his Voice is crackling when he tabbs into the Game. When he play any other games he dont have the issue. Its just at this Game. His Microphone is connected on a USB-2.0 Slot. The newest OBS Version is installed
  6. O

    Question / Help Random terrible crackly sound when streaming

    Hello, my boyfriend streams on Twitch, he has quite a good equipment that he keeps upgrading, but unfortunately there is a huge problem that he has been having for two years and has been unable to fix, despite all efforts. Completely at random, while streaming or recording with OBS, comes an...
  7. P

    Question / Help UA Apollo with OBS

    I'm on day 2 of watching tutorials, downloading programs, and troubleshooting audio issues and I'm totally starting to lose it. Here are my two end goals: Stream video games while speaking Stream live performances with guitar / vox (with audio being filtered through my DAW (Ableton Live 10))...
  8. S

    Question / Help HD60s crackling/dropping audio in OBS? (Mac using OBS Link)

    Hey everyone, I’ve started streaming using an Elgato HD60S with OBS on a Mac to stream from my Xbox One S, but I've been having persisitent issues with the gameplay audio dropping during the stream. It beings stuttering, then completely drops out, and keeps stuttering as it comes back it. The...
  9. L

    Question / Help Issues with all audio becoming fuzzy/laggy on stream

    Hello fellow OBS users, below I have attached my stream log and I keep getting this issue with my audio getting super fuzzy. It doesn't happen on my end but when I watch the stream back I can see it happening randomly. I have a pretty beast audio setup and everything is on the same sample rate...
  10. W

    Question / Help Jittery Microphone Audio

    When recording audio, despite the desktop audio being perfectly fine, the microphone always does this Audio Example If someone could help that would be amazing. Thank you very much.
  11. E

    Question / Help Audio issues

    I have this problem with the audio in my stream. log file
  12. F

    Question / Help How can I increase my volume in OBS without clipping?

    So recently, I've noticed that when I record a video in OBS and move it to Premiere Pro, it's very quiet. I understand I could just increase the volume (in either program), but by doing so the audio distorts, peaks, clips etc. Is there a way I can increase the volume in OBS without distorting...
  13. T

    Question / Help Audio stutter when recording 4k 3DS footage

    Hello I recently built a workstation PC & have had issues with audio when recording (not streaming) with OBS Studio. I have a Quadro P4000, which is not ideal for recording but I figured it would be good enough for work but also be powerful enough to record solid quality videos. I own a merki...
  14. Lord Metri

    Question / Help Comprehensive Audio Output from Slobs while Streaming is Choppy

    I am streaming to Twitch using Slobs and my general audio including capture, mic input, and desktop audio simultaneously are choppy. Restarting Slobs does help, but the problem still randomly happens. I have no skipped nor lagged frames. Any suggestions?
  15. M

    Question / Help Audio for media starts fine, then gets garbled

    I have been rolling with the same setup for some time without issues. In the last week or so, I have had an issue where the audio for media clips will start fine, but will slowly start to cut out. Other audio sources (desktop, mic) work fine, just playing clips. In the log, it says that the...
  16. H

    Question / Help Mic Audio Stutters After Streaming for an Hour

    The below clip shows how my mic stutters after I stream for an hour or so: Closing and opening OBS solves the issue, but I have no idea what causes it in the first place. I have shared my log, but I'm not sure if and recent logs will help since the issue only...
  17. kaiservongrauer

    Bug Report Audio Pops, Sizzle/Fry, Stutters From Avermedia Live Gamer Ultra GC533

    When I'm capturing audio from my Avermedia Live Gamer Ultra GC533, I get these occasional audio sizzles/fry, small pops, and stutters. Here's my setup: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 560X 4096 MB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB MacOS Mojave...
  18. S

    Question / Help Crackling Audio

    So, i got this weird crackling audio when i plug in my Razer Ripsaw into my pc, but the crackling only start when i activate my capture card. Also i've tried changing the usb port and install a powered usb hub and it seems the crackling won't go away. and as you can see in here the cpu is not...
  19. I

    Question / Help Audio Issue - elgato and Webcam showing "audio buffering."

    Hey guys. I'm using the elgato HD60 from my PS4 to my PC. I've got the latest version of OBS Studio. This *just* started happening about a month ago. Basically, my audio from the elgato is extremely choppy and is crackling. I'm seeing that there's something going on with audio buffering in my...
  20. A

    Question / Help Audio clicks :(

    After a lot of trial and error i have worked long in order to get good audio. I made it how i like it however after rewatching my broadcast i can hear that there is some form of audio cracks happening... very sad about it and would love to find a fix for it.. I've tried a lot of things like...