Question / Help Random terrible crackly sound when streaming


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my boyfriend streams on Twitch, he has quite a good equipment that he keeps upgrading, but unfortunately there is a huge problem that he has been having for two years and has been unable to fix, despite all efforts.

Completely at random, while streaming or recording with OBS, comes an awful cracking sound. His voice and every other sound cracks, it is so bad that it makes it impossible to keep streaming.
He then stops the stream, restarts the program and the problem is gone. But it happens about 2 times out of 3, sometimes right at the beginning of the stream, sometimes completely at random. Once he restarts the program, the problem doesn't occur a second time.

He keeps buying more and more expensive pieces of hardware, but the problems stays.
It is making him quite depressed and frustrated (and me as well as a consequence), because this is his greatest hobby.

I am not sure which information I should provide, so I will just answer your questions, if any of you is able and willing to give me a hand.

Thank you very much.