Bug Report OBS Records at the volume you have on windows


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So windows volume goes from 0/100
volume 100 is normal to be recorded but not to listen. so for example if i were to record my iphone screen it will record at full volume so if someone else watches it they can listen to it at normal volume.

obs doesnt do that. it records at the volume you have set in windows. so if all you have is a pair of headphones instead of an USB audio interface
then you will listen music or whatever at lets say 30/100. so if you record with obs while you use the volume 30/100 it will record like that. wich makes the video very quiet. what if a producer without usb audio interface is livestream and changing the volume all the time to hear the sounds louder or more quiet then obs will lower/higher the volume of the video while it should record 100/100 all the time unless i have a mic that i wish to lower the volume from.

I hopeyou understand this problem cause it IS a big deal and alot of people maybe have not even noticed.


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I have this problem as well. On a few machines, not all. But I think I have figured out what causes it.
If I output audio to my standard internal soundcard. OBS does not change the output volume if i change it in windows. Great! that is how we want it. However, if i output to my monitor, then adjust the windows volume, the OBS volume changes as well.

I have made a video to demonstrate this.
Please let me know if i'm missing something.

John Hollowell

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I have this problem as well with Bluetooth headphones. I think this issue has something to do with whether the device controls the volume or windows does. I don't know for sure, but I believe for internal sound cards windows passes the volume at 100% and the card changes the level (pre-fader audio), whereas on other devices (HDMI, Bluetooth) the device receives the audio post-fader at whatever level you have windows set to. This makes me think OBS is grabbing audio from whatever is going to the audio device after Windows' adjustments.

For the time being, You should be able to use Audio Router (https://github.com/audiorouterdev/audio-router) to duplicate the audio to a device that does not have this problem and use that device for audio in OBS.