spotify on stream

  1. A

    Spotify app running on 2 outputs and I can't supress one! [WIN11]

    Hi all. This might have been a question here already, but I couldn't find it, so...sorry for the duplicate. I have configured Spotify to run as an audio capture application. It has no filters. Advanced properties, monitor and output. Duplicate sound: output from obs and pc. I don't know what...
  2. A

    Spotify on OBS

    So it didnt always used to be this way but now it is. When i try to stream using OBS and have spotify playing it stops after every song. When a song ends i have to go back into the spotify Source and go to properties and reselect it because its displaying the next song name. Is there a...
  3. 6K Labs

    Free (With Signup) Amuse - Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget

    Introducing Amuse by 6K Labs ✨ Stand out from the crowd of streamers by incorporating Amuse, the Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget. Let your creativity flourish and maintain a consistent aesthetic across your scenes. Discover Amuse today, and elevate your streams! Features: Modern...
  4. DichterNebel

    Free STICLI v0.9.x

    Store information about your currently played Spotify track for further use. This .Net Core console app gathers information from Spotify API and stores them into text and image files that can then be used e.g. within OBS. You might see this as an alternative to OBS Tuna or SNIP when using...
  5. G

    Very strange Lags and crashes on complete System

    Hi, since 2 Weeks i have MASSIVE problems on my computer and OBS is the origin of that i guess. When i am streaming - out of the sudden OBS stoppes and crashes the PC in 99 %. Only not in that cases when i can open fast enough the Task Manager to stopp the process to close OBS. This...
  6. D

    Multiple audio streams

    I would like to hear in my headphones the playlist of my account without the others listening to it, I would like him to hear this or another kind hlofi hiphop no copyright
  7. S

    Selective Audio Crackling?

    Recently I have been preparing my OBS Studio to start streaming again and in all of my test streams I have had this same, strange issue. All of my mic and source audio is coming through perfectly clean, no issues, except for my computer audio. This also only happens in the recording itself, on...