1. Omegadev

    Free Music on stream - A web based current song / now playing overlay

    This Chrome extension lets you display a now-playing overlay on your stream from sources such as Spotify, YouTube, YouTube music, and many more. Installation The installation is straightforward and is detailed here Why use it? - The extension supports both YouTube chapters and video...
  2. D

    Free JASTG - Just Another Song Title Grabber

    For more information on JASTG, read the GitLab repository. This provides more in-depth detail about the program and even has fixes to common errors. It is recommended to view the repository on GitLab so you can download the latest release of JASTG. JASTG or Just Another Song Title Grabber is a...
  3. HetIsJoey

    Free (With Signup) NowPlaying | Spotify & Streamelements Now Playing Widget

    Website: Discord:
  4. N

    Free Current Song Overlay [YouTube/SoundCloud/Spotify/VLC and more] 0.1

    This application allows users to show the playing song without worrying too much about the setup. Ideally you'll install the extension, start a service, and you are good to go. In contrast to other tools, the current song is shown with a minimal delay (often none). Additionally, you can run...
  5. G

    Twitch Song Request Text 1.0

    Shows NightBot's playing song on the streamer's screen via OBS. How to use: Clone project repository Navigate into project repository i.e cd twitch-songrequest-text Install the requirements using pip: $ pip install -r requirements.txt Run the script on your terminal or CMD: $ python
  6. Rotinx

    Free OBSCurrentSong (Spotify) V1.28

    Displaying the current song playing on Spotify! Usage. 1. Create a folder and extract the zip file in the folder. 2. Open OBSCurrentlyPlaying.exe 3. Go to OBS create a text source then press tick "Read from file" then select the text file where you placed in the folder you first created...