Recording dropping to 30fps every now and then


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Every 15 seconds or so my recording would drop from 60 to 30 fps for 2 seconds then return back to normal. It's scaled to 720p. It does this even on 1000kb/s. I tried CQP, CBR, game mode on/off, vsync on, vsync off, the usage in game of the gpu at 20%, 50%, 70%, cpu never goes over 50% (i use gpu encoder, never overloads). I reset settings to default, nothing. In short, i tried everything down to lowering all to minimum usage only to see the reason behind all of this is definitely not my performance.
RX580 8GB
Ryzen 5 3600
16gb ram @3000mhz


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1. In Windows 10 versions 1809 and newer, we recommend that "Game Mode" be enabled for maximum gaming performance. Game Mode can be enabled via the Windows 10 "Settings" app, under Gaming > Game Mode.
2. To ensure that OBS Studio has the hardware resources it needs for realtime streaming and recording, we recommend disabling the "Game DVR Background Recording" feature via these instructions.
3. Run OBS as admin. Right-click on the shortcut, properties, advanced, check box, ok, apply, ok.
4. Record to FLV or MKV. If you record to MP4 or MOV and the recording is interrupted, the file will be corrupted and unrecoverable.

If you require MP4 files for some other purpose like editing, remux them afterwards by selecting File > Remux Recordings in the main OBS Studio window or enable Auto remux in the advanced settings.