NDI source for my Stream PC is showing up, but the screen is black.


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I have been trying to troubleshoot thia problem for hours now and can't seem to get it to work. Currently, I have NDI on both OBS Studio clients and when I go to add the NDI source, my main PC does show up, however, it only show a black screen with no audio output.

One thing I do notice after restarting my Main PC is the ethernet connection on my Stream PC will show the "No Internet" globe logo, but the NDI source will show up with audio until I connect it to Wi-Fi.

I've used this setup before multiple times, it only stopped working because I decided to reset my network settings and re-do them on the Stream PC.

Both PC's firewalls for OBS are enabled to let OBS Studio pass through Public and Private connections. The Ethernet connection on the Stream PC is a Private connection. My Wi-Fi is being shared with the ethernet on my Main PC. Everything is the way is was before I reset the network settings on my Stream PC.

One more thing before I end the post: OBS on my Main PC has started to crash more often. I've narrowed down the symptoms to when I adjust the network settings in ANY way and try to close OBS afterward, it crashes.

Any support would be appreciated and I can provide more details if requested! Thank you in advance!