1. N

    High encoder and Rendering Lag from one day to other

    Hello guys, I have a problem which started 2 days ago. I have High encoder and rendering lag when I'm playing Call of Duty: Warzone. I'm playing with competitive settings, so everything is on low, I'm running OBS as an Administrator, and simplified my scene collection. I even tried a fresh...
  2. T

    Video encoder AMD H.264 Not Working???

    I'm trying to set my output encoder for recording (I don't stream) to AMD H.264 or H.265 because It's supposed to make it less laggy or smaller file size. However whenever I try to use it it says "starting output failed. Please check logs for details." My drivers are all up to date. Can someone...
  3. C

    Struggling with Unstable Upload Speed for OBS Livestreaming on YouTube

    Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a pickle here and could really use your expertise. I've been trying to live stream on YouTube using OBS, but my upload speed is giving me a hard time. It's been weeks now, and I'm no closer to a solution. My current upload speed is supposed to be 50 Mbit/s, but I...
  4. F

    OBS Audio not capturing

    Been on the most recent version of OBS for a while but the problem didn't occure until today, already tried a rollback to a previous version, made sure the correct audio devices are chosen in device manager, sound panels, OBS etc. (Suspect that another program took control of my output device...
  5. J

    Stream Runs Perfect but it makes my Games Stutter, have FPS Drops and don't run smooth.

    Hi there! Here are my specifications below: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x MOBO: ASRock B550 Steel Legend GPU: MSI 3080 GEFORCE RTX RAM: Corsair Vengeance RAM 3600MHZ 64GB SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 PSU: Corsair 1000W Power Supply CPU Cooler: NZXT Z73 RGB 360mm Cooler So I'm having a bit of...
  6. S

    Window Capture not working

    Hello guys, I have a issue on my Mac M1 Pro. Window capture not working and other functions, it just does not show me "chrome" for example or other apps. Is this fixable?
  7. A

    Encoding Overloaded

    This recently started happening after I had to reinstall windows because of an 0xc0000 type error code... I have all the drivers I need reinstalled into my system as well as chipset and graphics card drivers. I have used these settings before, and now for some reason they don't seem to work as...
  8. P

    Game Capture refusing to work

    So I've been using OBS for a while and recently installed to a new PC. As I was setting up, I noticed the game capture wasn't working. All it showed was a little red dot in the top left corner of the preview. And I don't think it's a black screen issues because I've tried putting a white BG and...
  9. ApilJuce

    Hotkeys not functioning with 3rd party keypad (X Keys XK-24)

    I'm using an X-Keys XK-24 with programed functions on certain keys. Using the packaged software Macroworks 3.1, I've programed keys to macros [ex: first key has a CTRL+1 function, ect]. I intend on programing hotkeys in OBS to change between scenes and trigger images to display or sounds to...
  10. L

    Device Manager / USB Issues when I "Start Streaming"

    Hi all, I'm on Windows 10 and use OBS to stream DJ sets. I notice my DJ mixer (USB Device) will stop working when I hit the Start Streaming button in OBS about 30-40% of the time. When I look at Device Manager when it happens, the device is still listed as connected even after I unplug it. If...
  11. A

    OBS Crashing randomly, nothing in logs...

    I've been having an issue with OBS crashing at seemingly random times. Nothing comes up in the log, no crash report. I tried uninstalling completely, wiped appdata folder, etc etc. Help lol Log:
  12. 2

    Analyzing a crash log?

    How do I analyze a log such as this. I keep crashing while playing the new mw2 and it's driving me insane! Couldnt post whole log as it was too long Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2022-10-29, 21:05:43 Fault address: 7FFA4FD8D190 (c:\program files\nvidia corporation\nvidia audio...
  13. D

    Issue with OBS and ChromaKey

    Hi I am tryin to use a green screen with OBS v. 28.0.3 (64 bit) on Windows 10 and I am following the steps: Add Video Capture Device to Sources (Logitech C920) Add image to Sources Make sure image is below capture device in Sources Add filter to Image: ChromaKey Now the issue: my image is a...
  14. X

    Tearing issues on stream

    I stream on TikTok and Twitch simultaneously and have frequent tearing on both of my two cameras. Below I am putting my logs, I see capture and encoding issues but I am not sure what the issue is that would be causing the constant camera issues. Any input is SUPER appreciated as I'm struggling...
  15. S

    OBS 28+ Freezing PC when playing Lost Ark

    I had this issue when the update first dropped. I get a hard freeze inconsistently when playing lost ark. To the point of having to hard reset my PC. Went back to the old version to 27 and didn't have an issue. It keeps asking me to update so I update to see if anything changed or got fixed...
  16. 5

    Microphone Crackling During Gameplay Recording (not streaming)

    Hey there, This is my first time ever posting in a forum so hopefully I do alright. I usually am pretty good about troubleshooting and solving my issues on my own; however, I am at a complete loss on this one. I have been using OBS to record videos for YouTube for a little while now, a little...
  17. H

    Trying to setup a virtual webcam, but no matter the software I use (obs-studio, streamlabs) I don't get a webcam output.

    I've been trying for a while to get this to work so I can use opencv's videocapture() function to run a tensorflow model over my captured screen. However for some reason I cannot get either obs-studio or streamlabs virtual webcam to work. On discord and also on the default windows 10 Camera app...
  18. M

    NDI source for my Stream PC is showing up, but the screen is black.

    I have been trying to troubleshoot thia problem for hours now and can't seem to get it to work. Currently, I have NDI on both OBS Studio clients and when I go to add the NDI source, my main PC does show up, however, it only show a black screen with no audio output. One thing I do notice after...
  19. K

    Frame glitch - tearing?

    I'm trying to help my dad troubleshoot an OBS problem but I don't know what this kind of glitch this is called. The video will periodically "flicker" and when we found some of those frame they looked like one of those puzzles with all the pieces mixed up. What is this called?
  20. P

    OBS Only Exporting 1 Audio Track

    Hey guys, I'm trying to use obs studio to record for a podcast, and exporting my desktop audio and microphone in separate tracks so I can edit my voice without touching the audio. However, only one track is being captured and exported. I have advanced settings on and both tracks are selected for...