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So I've been using OBS for a while and recently installed to a new PC. As I was setting up, I noticed the game capture wasn't working. All it showed was a little red dot in the top left corner of the preview. And I don't think it's a black screen issues because I've tried putting a white BG and you can still see the bg in its entirety. I tried looking up some fixes for it online but nothing worked (administrator mode, compatibility properties, reinstalling, etc.) This has never happened on my previous device and if it has, it was an easy fix/fixed itself after a reinstall. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Sounds to as if the capture window on the preview screen was minimized to a size of a dot. You can make a right click on the capture card entry in the scene list and then transform and then click on strech to screen size. Alternative click on the entry and press CTLR + F.