game capture bug

  1. L

    where is game Capture?

    I see another capture. I don't see a game capture, why? Please tell me how to fix it.
  2. JusJayD

    Game Capture won't pick up game while already streaming

    Game capture for me does not seem to be working if i am switching games during stream. The most recent instance of this was today when i switched from The Finals to Fornite. I've not had this issue with the previous version of OBS. Here ios my log for review...
  3. R

    game capture doesn't work

    game capture doesn't work video:
  4. A

    Very weird things going on with OBS; Crashing the app being displayed when tryna make it not freeze on a single frame for some reason.

    As the title has said, when im using game capture the profile i make basically crashes the app that i have it set to for some reason. When it doesnt crash, it freezes on a frame until its too late for me to realize that the past hour i have been recording nothing also the size of the screen...
  5. P

    Game Capture refusing to work

    So I've been using OBS for a while and recently installed to a new PC. As I was setting up, I noticed the game capture wasn't working. All it showed was a little red dot in the top left corner of the preview. And I don't think it's a black screen issues because I've tried putting a white BG and...
  6. G

    Image freezes in game capture

    The picture freezes in the "game capture" source. This happens as follows: when the game starts, its window is captured, but the picture immediately freezes. At the same time, capture from other sources (for example, a webcam) proceeds normally. Changing the capture mode and priority has no...
  7. G

    VALORANT Game Capture Problem

    so i was about to stream or record and for some reason it doesnt capture the game on fullscreen mode even both obs and the game is running on admin while i was readding the log to check what happened this shows up: 13:59:59.944: [game-capture: 'game hotkey'] attempting to hook process...