Hotkeys not functioning with 3rd party keypad (X Keys XK-24)


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I'm using an X-Keys XK-24 with programed functions on certain keys. Using the packaged software Macroworks 3.1, I've programed keys to macros [ex: first key has a CTRL+1 function, ect].

I intend on programing hotkeys in OBS to change between scenes and trigger images to display or sounds to play. For the purpose of troubleshooting, I've downloaded other software such as voicemod and set hotkeys to the same keys as some of my OBS hotkey functions.

I can get both hotkeys to trigger while using my normal keyboard regardless of which program is in focus. My issue stems when using this XK-24 device, OBS will only accept the hotkey when OBS is in focus with no loss of function to Voicemod. Testing other programs shows that my programed keys on the XK-24 will trigger all hotkeys that running programs will accept (Chrome will switch to the third tab when pressing the CTRL+num3 programed key and also trigger the programed Voicemod sound effect).

My ultimate intention is to use this keypad as a psudo streamdeck but my troubleshooting shows that OBS is only reading my programed keys when it is the focus of windows while no other program has this issue.
-Hotkey Focus Behavior is set to [Never Disable Hotkeys]
-OBS is running in Administrator mode
-XK-24 keystroke in OBS -> OBS hotkey trigger and Voicemod hotkey trigger
-XK-24 keystroke without OBS focus -> No OBS hotkey trigger, successful Voicemod hotkey trigger
-Keyboard hotkeys have no loss in functionality regardless of program focus