1. E

    How to freely transform a source

    Like this:
  2. C

    OBS Crash when attempting to Pop-out Audio Mixer

    I recently have wanted to change up my OBS layout for whenever I am streaming and I decided it would be best to to pop-out my audio mixer and put it at the bottom of the monitor so I can see all of my sources in one window. However, When popping it out of OBS it instantly hard crashes. The...
  3. F

    Stream Constantly Disconnecting and reconnecting

    Ive recently moved to kick and whenever I start a stream it starts for a few seconds before I get the disconnected notification. I haven't been able to resolve the issue. Heres the log file.
  4. glwx

    Streaming over cellular data to OBS on Wi-fi network

    Hello all, I am a storm chaser and I am currently trying to discover some options to send a video stream over cellular data to a Linux computer on a different wireless network. I understand this will require some use of VPN which I also am not very informed in. Does anyone have any suggestions...
  5. ApilJuce

    Hotkeys not functioning with 3rd party keypad (X Keys XK-24)

    I'm using an X-Keys XK-24 with programed functions on certain keys. Using the packaged software Macroworks 3.1, I've programed keys to macros [ex: first key has a CTRL+1 function, ect]. I intend on programing hotkeys in OBS to change between scenes and trigger images to display or sounds to...
  6. T

    Language mix up OBS Studio

    Hi! I have a language mix-up with connecting Twitch chat pop-ups and stream information in OBS Studio. From the picture of the docks dropdown menu, the last four items have the language switch. The application and my Twitch site are set to English as the default or preferred language. For some...
  7. S

    OBS Bitrate Drops from 9000 kb/s and Stays at 0 kb/s

    Alright, I am using Streamlabs version 1.10.0 (on Windows 10) 4and when I am streaming everything is fine when all of the sudden my bitrate drops from 9000 all the way down to 0 and never returns back up. It shows messages on stream from my live chat as they are happening after the stream is at...
  8. I

    Laggy Recording, but Gameplay Framerate is fine. (refresh rate bug?)

    I've attempted all kinds of things to fix this: Changing refresh rate to 120 instead of 144 Toggling V-Sync and Freesync settings Driver updates & Windows setting changes Power plan & hardware acceleration changes high performance preferences in graphics settings Still, unable to get smooth...