Device Manager / USB Issues when I "Start Streaming"


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Hi all,

I'm on Windows 10 and use OBS to stream DJ sets.

I notice my DJ mixer (USB Device) will stop working when I hit the Start Streaming button in OBS about 30-40% of the time. When I look at Device Manager when it happens, the device is still listed as connected even after I unplug it. If I try to scan for hardware changes, it hangs on that process until I force quit it.

At first, I thought it was the mixer since it was 8 years old so I bought a new one a few weeks ago. I also picked up a stream deck recently and today witnessed the issue happening again.

This time, the mixer stopped working as it usually does when the issue comes up. The Stream Deck was working fine before I started streaming until I unplugged it. Once plugged back it, it received power but could not load any of the configured buttons I use. Just the elgato logo on the button grid.

It's multiple USB devices. They turn on but are not being recognized by Device Manager and the trigger is right when I start streaming. I used my mixer for 5 hours today without issue but the moment I hit "Start Streaming" there's a chance it all goes south.

Edit: I just tried other USB devices while the system is in this state. They receive power but are unable to function properly. Basically the devices are on standby.