Auto-reconnect Failure to YouTube After a Network Disconnection


New Member
I am able to properly live stream from OBS to YouTube. When the network goes down, OBS Studio and the YouTube stream disconnect from one another (as it should). However, when I reconnect the network, OBS Studio reconnects to the network and says it is still streaming, but the stream on YouTube actually ends.

I want OBS Studio to automatically reconnect to the YouTube stream and resume the stream when the network returns. My system and computer will be set up remotely, so I don't want to manually restart the stream every time the network goes down.

* As of right now, a temporary fix: If you switch to a different scene (manually/hotkey) from a different device, then switch back to the device you were streaming with, the stream resumes on YouTube. (It does not create a new link, but will create a new live stream recording I think.) This is not a final solution for me because I will not have continuous access to the computer as stated before.

Thanks for your help in advance!