Dropped network frames


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During stream, I have noticed I have been encountering dropped network frames and a plummet in bitrate far more often than I should be, I only encounter these issues when I stream in the evening, which is the time I would rather stream. I tried to start a stream on the Saturday evening and I couldn't even go 5 seconds without my dropped network frames spiking up to 20% constantly. I imagine this is due to network traffic, may be wrong though.

I have been looking through this forum and found out about a tool called pingplotter. I thought I would give it a go and see if it would tell me anything. This pingplotter was taken in the morning when my dropped frames are non-existent, but I have ran pingplotter in the evening before taking this screenshot and I can confirm that the graph looks the exact same either way.

I am using ethernet directly into my router, not through any powerline adapters. I have also got the best possible drivers and settings available, so I can promise its not what is causing the issue.

I will upload 2 obs log files, one in the morning with no dropped frames, and one in the evening with far more dropped frames. If this is any help.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Log file with no dropped network frames:

Log file with dropped network frames:


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You are showing 95% packet loss to the first hop in your network (which appears to be your home router). Your home network has major issues. This is not something that OBS settings can fix. On the up side, it IS something in your control, not a random hop somewhere out on the internet. It could be the NIC in your computer, the network cable you're using, or your home router itself. If you haven't power-cycled the home router in a while, now would be the time.
This is not network congestion.
Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with your network (LAN).


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I've tested different cables, and different ports on the router. I also got my brother test it through ping plotter, same results so I don't think its my NIC. Power-cycled it multiple times aswell. But this isn't the first time something has gone wrong with our router, I think I might have to contact my ISP, see if they know anything. At least I know its fixable from my end. Thank you for confirming it was my router.