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  1. C

    FPS locked at a very low rate, and seems to be getting lower every week.

    To preface, I’m not streaming any games, it’s just a camera and a computer capture for a church service. I had capped the frames at 30 when I originally set up OBS for the church, but the frames have slowly gotten lower and lower every passing week, and now we’ve hit an all time low of...
  2. I

    League of legends will/wont capture

    I am having an issue where my league of legends is not being captured by OBS 80% of the time. Yes, I have the Client which is referred to as "LeagueClientUX.exe" in window mode, automatic, window title must match. I have the in game client known as "LOL (TM) Client" in game capture> Capture...
  3. L

    Stream randomly disconnecting for varying periods of time

    I'm posting this for my boyfriend. A few months ago, his stream started disconnecting out of nowhere, every 5-10 minutes, his connection goes to 0kpbs for a few seconds and then comes back. Some times, he can stream for hours without any issues, he had an almost 8 hour stream recently with no...
  4. RTTWA

    Obs crashing while streaming, plz help :c

    I tried re install all things but seems not work, some one can help me?
  5. K

    OBS is freezing my display capture, but is showing my mouse moving around.

    Obs hasn't been working for me for weeks now, meaning I can't stream or record video. Period. This is an issue because making media for my company and my own brand is essential. It started out with just display capture freezing but you can still see my mouse moving on the screen, just it...
  6. C

    Question / Help Trouble Syncing Game Audio

    I will preface by saying that this could be an issue with either the Elgato HD60S or OBS Link and not OBS itself. However, I figure that there are enough people in these forums that you may be able to provide a solution to my problem. My current streaming setup (for twitch) is an Xbox One with...
  7. I

    Question / Help Black Bars Around GameCapture

    Hey everybody, I just downloaded OBS and was testing it out trying to get used to it. When I started capturing my screen the capture didnt scale to the window and now im left with two black bars. If i try to fit it to the screen it just becomes stretched. Thanks for any help!
  8. Q

    Question / Help Most of my screen is green.

    Just started streaming and more than half of the screen is green color. Most of the sources are live online links from websites that update every few seconds so don't know whether that has something to do with it or not. My first time streaming so any help would be appreciated.
  9. Marcio Matielo

    Question / Help Film, Deblock and other (maybe) common thoughts

    I'll start with the hardware, so you guys willing to discuss ca have a better general ideia of my scenario. This machine is not dedicated to encoding, it's a more of a NAS/HTPC, but when I'm streaming, that's pretty much what I do with it, I close whatever programs I can so it doesn't impact my...
  10. W

    Question / Help Stream Keeps Skipping Frames on stream and in real time pls help

    So i like to stream and i sadly cant do it bc everything keeps lagging , i have a decent pc do stream tho , i just dont know whats going on someone please help me , heres my log file , if its not enough or shows nothing ill post a new one.
  11. Y

    Question / Help Encoder overloaded while streaming and game primary window.

    Hello All, I've run into an odd issue that I've been smacking my head against for awhile now and can't seem to figure out. I built this PC for streaming in January and have had no problems streaming at 1080p60fps with Lanconz scaling and a 6000 bitrate until the past few weeks since version...
  12. S

    Question / Help Any way to have a better performance for streaming
  13. D

    Question / Help Frame Rate Drop With And Without Streaming/Recording

    Hi All, Ive been scratching my head for days trying to figure out why my OBS Drops frames while trying to Stream/Record game play. PC Specs: Intel Core i9-9900k Nvidia 2080ti 32GB DDR4 RAM Samsung EVO 860 SSD Me network is pretty consistent with download around the 325mbps mark and Upload at...
  14. N

    Question / Help Lagging in game while streaming fortnite?

    When I'm playing fortnite regularly I'm getting about 16 ms and when I start streaming it shoots up to 150 ms to 600 ms. Please help me fix this.
  15. B

    Question / Help New to streaming need help making stream viewable

    gtx 1050 ti, 16 gb ram, 2500 bitrate, 30 fps, 86.1 mbps dpwnload, 12.8 mbps upload, . stream is terrible for viewers im new to streaming so i dont know much, any ideas ?