FPS locked at a very low rate, and seems to be getting lower every week.

To preface, I’m not streaming any games, it’s just a camera and a computer capture for a church service.

I had capped the frames at 30 when I originally set up OBS for the church, but the frames have slowly gotten lower and lower every passing week, and now we’ve hit an all time low of 7.50—I’m not entirely sure what to do from here, I’ve tried changing process priority, encoding, turning off and on the Mac V-Sync, and simply just restarting the computer.

Any suggestions?


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So - real-time video encoding is VERY computationally demanding. And then for livestreaming, you need a solid network connection.
I recommend monitoring hardware resource (CPU, GPU, RAM, Disk I/O, etc) utilization [System Monitor for MacOS and for Windows its using Task manager’s Performance tab and/or Resource Monitor] to see if your system is being maxed out with your settings https://obsproject.com/wiki/General-Performance-and-Encoding-Issues and https://obsproject.com/wiki/GPU-overload-issues
And then there is real-time network monitoring (both your computer and the network at the ISP connection level)

Without knowing better, [sorry if all/some of this is obvious]
- [if this applies] Laptops, optimized for battery life, not the computationally demanding task of real-time video encoding can struggle depending on model and thermal throttling. And OBS is not native with M1 CPUs, so that doesn't help *if* that is the model you have.
- make sure your OBS video encoding settings are correct for your hardware
- assuming you have an under-powered computer, then a reboot 30 minutes before service starts would be advisable, then turn off stuff (apps, background processes) that do not need to be running (if really under-powered, you may also need to disable some default eye-candy type settings)
- beware CPU 'hogs' such as some 3rd party plugins, or certain OBS settings (chroma key filter, etc)
- are you trying to stream using a WiFi connection? if yes, and especially if your location has Guest WiFi enabled, using WiFI will have a high chance of being hit or miss
- for us to take a look at your OBS settings (FYI we won't see most Operating System details which may impact performance), post a multi-minute streaming or recording log per the pinned post in this forum (my .sig has a link)