Stream randomly disconnecting for varying periods of time


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I'm posting this for my boyfriend. A few months ago, his stream started disconnecting out of nowhere, every 5-10 minutes, his connection goes to 0kpbs for a few seconds and then comes back.

Some times, he can stream for hours without any issues, he had an almost 8 hour stream recently with no disconnects at all. Some other times, the issues are unbearable, he can't go 5 minutes without a DC.

We've tried every bitrate between 2500 to 6000, he streams at 720p, his internet is 100mb both up and download, we also tried binding the IP and other random options. For now, the only thing that seems to be a "fix" to this is streaming at a very specific time.

Log included from his last stream. I also have logs from previous streams if needed.