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I will preface by saying that this could be an issue with either the Elgato HD60S or OBS Link and not OBS itself. However, I figure that there are enough people in these forums that you may be able to provide a solution to my problem.

My current streaming setup (for twitch) is an Xbox One with the Elgato HD60S capture card using HDMI to capture both the audio and video. These run to my Mac computer where I have a mic and webcam set up. I am using OBS Link to send the Elgato footage (audio and video) to OBS.

So, the problem. My mic audio and webcam video are in sync with each other. They are both also set to have a 650ms delay, which has put them into sync with the capture cards video. So far, everything is working perfect.

However, the gameplay audio is several (maybe 6) second behind the gameplay video. As both are being captured by the Elgato via HDMI... it doesn't make sense to me that the audio would be lagging behind. It also make it seem like its not an issue with the Elgato itself.

If you take a look at my channel and skip to 2:30:00 of the most recent broadcast you will see a sample of what's happening.

Also, just to clarify, the issue is not 'sync drift'. As everything else remains in sync for hours and the game audio is consistently the same amount out of sync.


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If its not drifting you can adjust for it the same way.

If it doesn't happen to other NDI sources, then yes, likely an issue either with the Elgato or with OBS Link.

My usual advice is avoid Elgato on MacOS due to deceptive practices and bad support. The necessity of using the NDI plugin and OBS Link takes away most of the advantage of having a hardware capture device.