Question / Help Film, Deblock and other (maybe) common thoughts

I'll start with the hardware, so you guys willing to discuss ca have a better general ideia of my scenario. This machine is not dedicated to encoding, it's a more of a NAS/HTPC, but when I'm streaming, that's pretty much what I do with it, I close whatever programs I can so it doesn't impact my encoding during stream. I straight gave up on dual cards and whatnot for streaming and capture since I upgraded this home server, so that's what I'm using currently.
  • Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4
  • Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6GHz 6 Core
  • Ripjaws V 16GB 2 x 8GB DDR4-3200
  • ADATA SU800 256GB M.2 (OS)
  • 6x WD Red 3TB NAS 5400 RPM (Glued with Windows Storage Spaces)
  • AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 2
Now, here are the settings that I'm using for streaming to so the service can restream to Youtube, Mixer and Twitch, they're pretty standard, I think.





Now, I know you guys could just answer me "capture it and see for yourself", because, well, I could do that, I actually did a little bit of that testing my current settings, but one thing is capture 5, 10, 15 minutes and watch it, one thing is how will it behave after 2, 3 hours straight, I don't know... That's why I want advices from your experience and knowledge, it's more like a conversation, actually.

So here's what I was wondering:
  • Well, first, as I mentioned, I think I'm using very straightforward settings. If so, can I do better with the hardware I have? I think I can... Maybe use some x264 parameters to improve quality?
  • 1080p@60 at 6000 kbps can get a little blocky sometimes, I was reading that using the film Tune can make fast paced scenes look better, but they meant actual film, like a real recorded scene, not specifically fast paced games... Should it actually make the output look better, do you guys recommend it?
    • What about just forcing the deblock parameter? Because on of the things I read is that film actually force some deblocking, should I just use deblock insted of film? No?
  • Now a first world problem, I bought a 144hz display and as far as I know the Avermedia capture box that I'm using can't capture 1080p@144hz, even though it can receive 4K@60 and feed a downscaled 1080p@60 image. I gave up on trying to find a way without buying another capture thing or using my gaming PC to stream it to the capture PC using RTMP, I rather not make the "sacrifice" and game at 60hz -- with FPS uncaped, not seeing the extra frames but feeling the game pacing faster :)
    • Am I missing something, is there a way of doing that without having to slow down my monitor or without, impacting my gaming PC performance? I mean, I can spare a few FPS, but I'm not willing to give up like 10FPS doing so.
    • Am I stupid and the game isn't pacing faster with unlocked FPS on a display set to 60Hz? Am I suffering from a placebo effect?
  • Can I throw more than 6000kbps on Twitch? Because Twitch is my bottleneck here, both Youtube and Mixer can "ingest" more bitrate, as far as I know.
  • I am also capturing while streaming, using a GTX 750 Ti, but so far it has not gave me any headache, only thing is that I can't go for higher bitrate, I'm currently capturing at 20.000kbps, I'm not unhappy with it, but I tried like 40.000kbps and I had encoding lag problems, so I revert it back to 20k. Any thoughts on this? Can or should I get more bitrate out of this card?
Well, I think this is it, for now...

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you can chip in your two cents about what I said.