1. P

    Launch Parameters in Linux / Raspberry Pi

    Hey so i want to use the launch parameter to achiev an automatic Stream start function + no popup savemode warning on start in my Raspberry Pi 5. Obs software is in Autostart already so my goal is -> Power on Raspberry with Powerswitch -> Obs Starts up -> Stream Starts Automaticly -> Done for...
  2. A

    Automate live stream (start and stop)

    Hello Can i start and stop livestream automatic by scheduling my stream in multiple mode ? I read many articles about obs parameters but all of them did not mentioned any command about stop streaming automatically . I have successfully used start live streaming in multiple mode using “task...
  3. F

    Possible to choose default window source with launch parameters?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to automate some things and was already very pleased to learn that the --startstreaming and --minimize-to-tray flags exist. Though when launching my Flatpack OBS Studio with these parameters that has a scene with a window capture, I always get the question which window...
  4. EGHD_Twitch

    OBS does not start on Windows startup

    Hey there. I put OBS in the auto-start folder, but it doesn't work. did I make anything wrong? Why do I have the UAC Icon on OBS? (after fresh install still there)
  5. Sir_Bugencio_CTR

    Turning on/off webcam via code (set settings) while switching scene? Advanced Scene Switcher

    I'm looking for a way to activate the camera from code using the advanced scene switcher extension. I do not want to use hotkeys, I want this process to be automated so that when the scene is changed the camera turns on or off automatically. I was trying to put in the "active" parameter true or...
  6. iAvoe

    OBS ditching custom parameter settings, replaces with horribly wrong settings

    Hello, I've been using obs for a quite long time, and even longer at using x264, x265 command lines. It's a shame that I've never found out until today, I looked up mediainfo, which shows my custom command lines were never used. One important thing is that x264's profile and tune are from 20...
  7. Marcio Matielo

    Question / Help Film, Deblock and other (maybe) common thoughts

    I'll start with the hardware, so you guys willing to discuss ca have a better general ideia of my scenario. This machine is not dedicated to encoding, it's a more of a NAS/HTPC, but when I'm streaming, that's pretty much what I do with it, I close whatever programs I can so it doesn't impact my...
  8. ConstantFlux

    Question / Help API access to filters parameters

    Quick question: Is it possible to access the parameters of filters of a scene/source from outside OBS? I'm looking for a way to change, for example, Source/Filters/Color Correction/Opacity depending on variables I pull from text files. Thank you.