Turning on/off webcam via code (set settings) while switching scene? Advanced Scene Switcher


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I'm looking for a way to activate the camera from code using the advanced scene switcher extension.
I do not want to use hotkeys, I want this process to be automated so that when the scene is changed the camera turns on or off automatically.
I was trying to put in the "active" parameter true or false, but it doesn't work.
Maybe anyone have solved the same problem?

Came here looking for this. Unfortunately it isn't working for me... I have four webcams, and this laptop can only run three of them at a time on OBS. It's happy to manually Activate the fourth one, or more, when I manually choose the Deactivate button on one or two that I don't need in the current scene.

It would be so wonderful to have the cameras emulate pressing Activate/Deactivate without my having to do it by hand between scenes. (I know there might be a second or two delay as the cameras wake up, that's fine.)

I tried Enable/Disable in AdvSS and it hides the camera feeds but doesn't really Deactivate them. Even telling OBS to deactivate when not showing, and then hiding the cameras, is not useful, interestingly. But the Activate/Deactivate buttons do the trick!

Any ideas?
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