1. ysmd_

    OBS crashing/long opens because of the code based on python.

    I have a code on python (3.11) from pynput.keyboard import Key, Listener import pydub from pydub import AudioSegment from pydub.playback import play is_microphone_muted = False def sound_disconnect(): songd = AudioSegment.from_mp3("mute.mp3") play(songd) def sound_connect()...
  2. S

    Real time visual weather

    Hello, i run a 24/7 YouTube Radio and have dreamed of running the most realistic radio ever. My plan is to have some sort of code/ plugin that changes things such as: - Sun and moon position - brightness of the background - weather events (rain, thunder, snow, fog, meteor shower, etc) -...
  3. S

    Looking for scripting help

    Hello! I am looking for a scripting expert to help me with a project. I use OBS to produce shopping livestreams for local brands/businesses, and I'm constantly re-building my scenes/sources based on the photos that I receive from those brands. It’s a lot of repetitive tasks, and I’m hoping...
  4. H

    Security requests

    1: Is there a publicly available hash for the installation files? I cannot see one on the website, the downloads just launch, and I didn't see anything on the Github site. 2: Is there anything available from the vendor showing the code has been tested against things like race conditions...
  5. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua LUA Comment Removal 0.2

    In the event where script comments in obs lua scipts causes issues, you can use this script to remove the comments from the script quickly. This file adds no functionality to OBS whatsoever. If you have an LUA file, that you need to remove all the source code comments for, this script can...
  6. Sir_Bugencio_CTR

    Turning on/off webcam via code (set settings) while switching scene? Advanced Scene Switcher

    I'm looking for a way to activate the camera from code using the advanced scene switcher extension. I do not want to use hotkeys, I want this process to be automated so that when the scene is changed the camera turns on or off automatically. I was trying to put in the "active" parameter true or...
  7. DerekLu

    Will frame_ready function cause frames lost when capturing?

    Hi all, I think this line of codes in plugins/win-capture/graphics-hook/graphics-hook.h may cause some frames lost when capturing. For example, I want to capture a video game whose fps is 60. So the time interval between two frames should be 1/60s ideally. If some frames get early (e.g...
  8. h7opolo

    Question / Help Disable the red colored border of unlocked sources

    I would like to disable the red colored border that surrounds unlocked video sources in the OBS preview window. The reason being that I capture the OBS window itself for a feedback effect, and these red boxes ruin the effect if I want to change the position of a source in the OBS preview window...
  9. K


  10. E

    Needing an OBS Developer

    Hello to everybody in the community, We are using OBS as part of a pipeline we use for live streaming to a device and currently we are in the need of an OBS developer or someone that has experience with the code and knows how it works, so it could be modified or a plugin could be...