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Hello, i run a 24/7 YouTube Radio and have dreamed of running the most realistic radio ever.
My plan is to have some sort of code/ plugin that changes things such as:
- Sun and moon position
- brightness of the background
- weather events (rain, thunder, snow, fog, meteor shower, etc)
- sunrise/set
- wind direction and speed
- moon phase
- cloudiness.

i have all the assets already made by the artist in my team but i don't know how i would go about coding this. i know id need a weather api that i reuqest all these factors from but how would i then use that information to enable/ disable layers and also modify layers for things like brightness (to save on resources and drawing hundreds of variations)

on another note is there a plugin or asset that makes randomly generated clouds as i always feel my clouds are the same.


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Sounds cool, but not really in scope for OBS. I think you need a separate app to do that, and then window-capture or screen/display-capture that app in OBS.

OBS can put a camera, text, etc., over your weather background, but it probably can't generate the weather background itself. It has to capture that already-made.

Though you *might* be able to make a crude first draft with a bunch of video filters and the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin to modify those filters and other things:
It WILL be crude though, and complicated. I'd still recommend a standalone app to generate that background, and just capture what it comes up with.