URL/API Source - Fetch live data and display it on screen!

URL/API Source - Fetch live data and display it on screen! v0.0.7

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 64-bit
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Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux
The URL/API Source plugin adds a video source that fetches data from a URL or API endpoint and displays it as customizable text (using CSS). You can parse JSON, XML and also plain text response with a Regex to get just the information you need. Set up a timer to keep refreshing the data to get that live feed effect.

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(YouTube Tutorial)

  • HTTP request types: GET, POST
  • Request headers (for e.g. API Key or Auth token)
  • Request body for POST
  • Output parsing: JSON via JSONPointer, XML/HTML via XPath and Regex
  • Update timer for live streaming data
  • Test of the request to find the right parsing
  • Output styling (font, color, etc.)
Coming soon:
  • Authentication (Basic, Digest, OAuth)
  • Websocket support
  • More output parsing options (JSONPath, CSS selectors, etc.)
  • More request types (PUT, DELETE, PATCH)
  • More output formats (XML, HTML, CSV, etc.)
  • More output types (Image, Video, Audio, etc.)
Walkthrough of the plugin code with highlights of its internal workings:
(YouTube Code Walkthrough)
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  3. v0.0.5 - longer timer, output formatting, external text source

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Latest reviews

Very useful plugin for those familiar with web requests, with a good roadmap also, looking forward for more request type coverage.