1. forestj

    Question about developing multiple output or raw output pipe

    Hello, I like to use OBS to "record" HLS video for live streaming using the custom ffmpeg output: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/how-to-do-hls-streaming-in-obs-open-broadcast-studio.945/ I have been doing research and I haven't found a way to configure this yet. I'm willing to do...
  2. M

    is there an http api in OBS like there is in vmix?

    I've been going through the forums and documention and I can not seem to find what I'm looking for. maybe someone can point me in the right direction? In Vmix I had a powershell script that sent http requests to vimix to do things like get current active source, surce name, time left, etc but...
  3. bdkid

    Does the API provide a way to start/stop streaming?

    I'm trying to figure out if the API provides a way to start/stop streaming just like by pushing the UI button. I didn't find anything like that so far.
  4. ActiveCreek

    API for starting Virtual Camera

    I'm looking through the documentation for APIs to start the Virtual Camera output from a plugin (or script). I've found the obs_output_start method, but the documentation implies that an output is either a stream or a recording. Is there a method for starting the built-in virtual camera? Or, is...
  5. dEN00_5

    OBS Python api по obs python 2020-11-24

    Шпаргалка по сценариям на python в обсе
  6. bfxdev

    Tips and tricks for Lua scripts

    I start this thread to share my main advancements with Lua scripting. As of today (OBS v26.0.2 released October 6th 2020), the online documentation describes the OBS API in its original C form, and it is left as an exercise for the scripting enthusiast to figure out how data types are converted...
  7. pashkal

    OBS Thrift API

    OBS plugin for integrating external application with OBS. Plugin exposes certain OBS functionality via Thrift - cross-language services development framework. Functionality supported currently: adding media source to OBS scene removing media source from OBS muting/unmuting sources For full...
  8. W

    Controlling OBS Studio with C# application

    Hello, i want to code an application in C# (WPF) to control/start/stop Recording and other funktionalities in OBS Studio. Such aus changing the saving path or changing Filename and so on.. I am a totaly beginner for developing such a obs tool. Is it possible to make this kind of application...
  9. SMERKIN_5000

    Question / Help Send text to Twitch Chat Dock via API

    Is there a way to send text to the twitch chat dock through OBS studio using an API?
  10. J

    replay media through api

    Hello, I'm working on a project that I have a media source that plays a video. With using python I can do the obs_source_set_enabled function to show or hide the source, but this doesn't cause it to replay the video when shown. I was wondering if I'm just missing something to get it to replay...
  11. AlexGuo1998

    Quesiton of obs_scene_find_source

    Hello devs. Looking into the implementation of obs_scene_find_source (here), I noticed that the reference of returned sceneitem is not incremented. Is it possible that the sceneitem gets destroyed before the scene gets released? e.g. User removes that item from the scene using GUI. Should I call...
  12. Z

    Question / Help Stream video from OpenCV into OBS

    Hi, Can anyone help me with streaming video from OpenCV (using Python or C) into OBS? I've had a look at the docs but I they're rather bewildering to a new OBS user, and I can't find any similar examples. I think I need to use obs_source_draw() using the frame data I have but I'm not sure how...
  13. ConstantFlux

    Question / Help API access to filters parameters

    Quick question: Is it possible to access the parameters of filters of a scene/source from outside OBS? I'm looking for a way to change, for example, Source/Filters/Color Correction/Opacity depending on variables I pull from text files. Thank you.
  14. L

    API BUG: Create an invisible duplicated source leaks one frame on creation

    Hi, I was fiddling with the OBS API to duplicate sources on-the-fly and found a bug. Or maybe I'm not doing it right. With a plugin I just create a duplicated source from a webcam and at the moment of creation I set the source invisible. The problem is that some times the source leaks one...