real time

  1. royshilkrot

    Detect - Object Detection, Tracking built-in OBS v0.0.2

    A plugin that allows you to detect >80 types of objects in any source, track them and apply masking. If you like this work please consider supporting it by sponsoring us on GitHub: and This work uses the great...
  2. andrecoste

    Free (With Signup) Basket Score: real-time scoreboard for your live sports streaming

    Basket Score is a new platform that allows you to make professional live streaming by creating a custom board that shows all the information about the game in real time. Thanks to this tool it is possible to score points, fouls, timeouts and quarters of the game, so as to make the viewer’s...
  3. S

    Real time visual weather

    Hello, i run a 24/7 YouTube Radio and have dreamed of running the most realistic radio ever. My plan is to have some sort of code/ plugin that changes things such as: - Sun and moon position - brightness of the background - weather events (rain, thunder, snow, fog, meteor shower, etc) -...
  4. M

    Multiple Streams through OBS? One real-time and one delayed?

    Hey guys, I'm a new streamer and looking to create two streams from the same source/webcam. I'm an up and coming day trader and would like one stream to be faster than the other one. The real-time stream will be to paid subscribers only. While the free stream, I would like to have a 5 second...
  5. andregr

    Monitoring publications of hashtag in instagram in real time

    I wish i could show new publications with a specific instagram hashtag on my live striming as they are published, is there anything that does that??