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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.6.2

Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
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Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
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This plugin is based on the built in scene switcher. It extends its functionality by adding the following:
  • fullscreen detection (for Window Title / Executable based switching)
  • hotkey to start and stop the scene switcher
  • cursor position based scene switching (Screen Region tab)
  • temporarily pause the scene switcher based on scene or window title
  • the option to ignore windows
  • the option to configure a sequence of automated scene switches (Scene Sequence tab)
  • the option to switch to a scene after detection of being idle (Idle tab)
  • the ability to read/write current scene from/to txt file (Write to file / Read from file tab)
  • the ability select a different transition for each switch case (Transitions tab)
  • executable based scene switching (Executable tab)
Some of these are described in more detail below.

Installation Windows:

  1. Extract the folder
  2. Open the Windows folder
  3. Copy the advanced-scene-switcher.dll in the OBS Stdio plugin folder. (For example C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio\obs-plugins\32bit or C:\Program Files\obs-studio\obs-plugins\64bit - this path can be different for you!)
  4. Install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio:
    64bit: vc_redist.x64.exe
    32:bit: vc_redist.x86.exe
  5. Configure the settings (see later section)

Installation MacOS:
  1. Extract the folder
  2. Open the MacOS folder
  • For OBS versions 25 or newer:
Copy the to ~/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins/advanced-scene-switcher/bin/ , whereby "~" represents your user's home directory.​
  • Alternatively, or for OBS versions before 25:
Right click the OBS app inside your Applications folder and choose "Show Package Contents".​
  • For OBS versions 24 or newer:
    Copy the file to Contents/Plugins.
  • For OBS versions older than OBS 24:
    Copy the file to Contents/Resources/obs-plugins.
    (Note that use of OBS 24 will require you to use version 1.4 or older of this plugin)

Finally configure the settings (see next section)​

Installation Linux:
  1. Extract the folder
  2. Open the Linux folder
  3. Copy the file into the OBS Studio plugin folder (usually /usr/lib/obs-plugins/ or /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/obs-plugins/).
  4. Configure the settings (see next section)
Settings Configuration (a bit outdated):

You can access the advanced scene switcher the same way you access the normal scene switcher, by selecting Tools -> Advanced Scene Switcher. You can also set a hotkey to start/stop the scene switcher the settings of OBS. (Settings -> Hotkeys -> Toggle Start/Stop for Advanced Scene Switcher. This hotkey will only work when the settings menu for the advanced scene switcher is closed)

The settings window for the advanced scene switcher will open up. Under the "General" tab you can find the window title based scene switching settings, which are also present in the built in scene switcher. But you also have the option to only switch to a scene if the window, which is causing the scene change, is also in fullscreen mode.

In the tab "Screen Region" you can switch to a scene based on which screen region your cursor is in. This can be useful if you have a setup that is using multiple monitors and you to switch to the monitor scene you are currently using.

The tabs "Pause Scenes" and "Pause Windows" let you add scenes and windows that will pause the automatic scene switching on the currently selected scene. To continue the scene switching just switch to a scene that is not a Pause Scene or a window that is not listed in the Pause Windows tab.

The "Ignore Windows" tab lists window titles of programs, which will be ignored by the scene switcher. It will act as if the last window is still the one shown. This can be useful if you ALT-TAB a lot and don't want the scene switcher to switch to the scene you specified if there is no match for the current window title. So for example you could add "Task Switching" (this is the title of the ALT-TAB program) and "Twitch - Google Chrome" and "TeamSpeak 3" to still be on your in-game scene even if you ALT-TAB to these windows.

"Scene Sequence" lets you specify a sequence of automatic scene switches and a delay between each of these switches. So for example if you would want to first show the scene "cam1" for 3 seconds, then switch to "cam2", wait another 3 seconds before switching to "cam3" and finally wait 3 seconds and switch back to "cam1" to restart the whole process you can use the settings shown in the image below.

Additional Information and Notes:

Don't run both, the built in scene switcher and the advanced scene switcher.
Otherwise both will try to switch based on their settings and cause many unnecessary scene switches.

If you want to build the plugin yourself the source is available here.


Windows: Remove the advanced-scene-switcher.dll file in the obs-plugins\32bit and obs-plugins\64bit directory of your OBS studio installation.

MacOS: Remove the file in the obs-plugins directory in the package contents of your OBS application.

Linux: Remove the from /usr/lib/obs-plugins/

Please report any problems you experience using this plugin here or send me a message.
First release
Last update
4.56 star(s) 25 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Minor QOL changes

    add option to export and import all settings add support for remote files on file tab allow...
  2. Fixes and improvements

    Add regular expression support to the executable tab Add option to also to match window titles...
  3. Add time based switching

    Add support for system time based scene switching. This requires use of at least OBS version 25.

Latest reviews

This plug-in saves me so much effort (and stress) during a live stream, and @Warmuptill has been super-responsive. I've been saved by having the new Media tab (initially buggy but fixed super fast... and exactly what I want/need). Recent improvements (ex saving of settings) are really nice refinements / maturing of this impressive and immensely useful tool. And I'm looking forward to some of the upcoming updates
It's very good, although at the present release, there is not yet the way to edit a line, instead of to delete it and substitute it.
When you have few scenes, it's not an issue. But with a lot of scenes, it's cumbersome.
Thank you! :)

Editing the entries in place is definitively on the to-do list.
I just havn't found a way to implement it in a reasonable amount of work.
First of all, great plugin!
However I wish it could have:
- some basic help;
- in the Time tab: be able to change/edit and save the hour and a way to reorder the scenes instead of deleting and re-entering them.
- in the Sequence tab: be able to select between seconds, minutes or even hours instead of just seconds and be able to re-order the scenes instead of deleting and re-entering them.
Also, I would like a way to re-order the tabs. I know that this is not a priority, but for me it would be much easier to have Time and Sequence tabs before Transition.
Do you think that it's possible to have this in the next version?

Thank you!
This is fantastic. The built in automatic switcher is completely not intuitive.
One bit of info for Ubuntu 20.04 users with OBS Studio 25.x, the plugins directory on 64 bit systems is: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/obs-plugins/
Keep up this great work.
Tool itself works great, I have noticed an issue where a resource intensive game *Half Life Alyx for instance* will cause it to not properly switch back to a scene as specified in scene sequences. My friends has a lesser machine and runs into this issue more often, so limiting the amount of scenes seems to be the fix. This has given me the ability to have easier scene changes to highlight interaction or gaming moments to my viewers and have seen massive positive growth since using. Please keep working on and don't let this plugin get outdated. It's a god send.
Hey! Love this. Tampered alot with it, at it works great. Except one little thing.

"Write/read to file" cannot override from one Scene sequence to a second Scene sequence.

Scenario: I display a countdown in MM:SS format on a slate overlaying a video. It's displayed during a 3 scene sequence, showing different information in boxes poping up, each showed for 10s.

Then the "Read from file" detects the countdown when the text contain "00:01", and want to transition over to another 3 scene sequence.
But this doesn't work, it doesn't change to the second scene sequence. How can I make this work?
Plugin working less and less well through the updates, I don't know why but now it takes a long time (up to 15sec) to detect a change from a file (even if the "check delay" is still at 300ms)
Great resource and seems to work very well. However, is there any way to pause the scene switcher when the takbar is focused in the same way as you can do with Task Switching (alt-tab) and OBS? Also, it would be nice if the description at the bottom of the window title tab could also be on the bottom of the pause tab scince the same tags seem to work on each.
Is there a way to make it work on slobs or that's impossible?
Last time I checked the plugin was incompatible with SLOBS, unfortunately.
Thank you, it's beautiful.