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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.8

The main focus of this update was a rework of the UI.
This should ease modifying existing switch entries and add some basic hints on how to use the plugin.

I hope it is actually an improvement for most and didn't break any existing functionality :)

Additional changes:
  • Add support for VLC sources to media tab
  • Fix OBS crash on exit when user was on the scene which was selected to automatically start streaming or recording
  • Improve hotkey handling to not require users to use the new hotkey binding at least once for the change to be persisted. Thus it should now also be possible to clear the hotkeys.
  • Add option to match maximized windows for the window tab
  • Add handling of window title of metro apps (e.g. OneNote)
  • Fix crash due to name conflicts with the frontend tools of OBS. This was only reported on Debian 10 but could have theoretically also affected other OS.
  • Adjust log messages so logs originating from this plugin are easier to identify
As always pleas let me know if you run into any issues!
  • Added audio tab to enable switching based on volume level of audio sources
  • Add option to automatically start streaming / recording on a scene
  • Add support for weekdays on the time tab
  • Load libcurl at runtime to avoid dependency issues on MacOS
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add option to export and import all settings
add support for remote files on file tab
allow reordering of file, media, sequence and region tab entries
add option to reorder tabs
add option to set startup behaviour of the plugin

change file format structure of scene sequence settings (old format can still be imported)

fix switch priority falling back to default values on startup
fix auto fill not working for modified entries on time tab

... and probably something else I forgot about :)
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Add regular expression support to the executable tab
Add option to also to match window titles which are not in focus
Add ability to reorder window title and executable switches
Add option to chose thread priority for scene switcher

Crash and memory leak fixes and improvements for media tab

Please report if there are any regressions or new issues!
As usual this new release requires use of at least OBS 25.
Add support for system time based scene switching.
This requires use of at least OBS version 25.
Add support for media source based scene switching (implemented by Exeldro).
This requires use of at least OBS version 25.
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Added option to sort diffrent Scene Switch methods by priority.
Added support for Executable Tab on MAC OS
Added Linux support

Redo of the UI, to be a bit more compact and less overwhelming.
Added some warnings / explanations.

Fixed freeze of plugin when using long Scene Round Trips (Scene Sequence).

Please remove the old SceneSwitcher.dll /
Thanks for pointing out the issue martin elder!

Sorry about this bug. (To remove this bug I temporarily disabled the wait for the transition animations to finish. Instead the scene switcher will just switch back immediately)
If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please let me know.
This update addresses the issue of OBS freezing when changing scene collections pointed out by Laope!

This fix will prevents the plugin from detecting the OBS window name. So functions like Ignore Windows will now ignore the OBS window. The MacOS version should not be affected.
(If I find a workaround I will make sure to enable it again)

Additionally I fixed another issue:
Idle Detection when it was enabled for the first time, would automatically be disabled if not both, the scene and transition that were selected by default, were changed.

It might be possible that this update introduced additional bugs. If so let me know!
Just a small fix for of a crash pointed out by timpa009. Thanks!

(Executable based scene switch entries were wrongfully pointing to the regular window based scene switches. During cleanup this could lead to a crash if you had more executable based scene switches than regular ones )