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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.26.2


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Warmuptill submitted a new resource:

Automatic Scene Switching - Switches to specified scenes depending on which window is in focus

A remake of the "Simple Scene Switcher"( for obs-studio.


1. Extract the folder.
2. Merge "obs-studio" folder contained in the extracted file with the obs-studio folder of your OBS Studio installation. (For me it is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio).
3. Configure the settings.txt file contained located in the obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\SceneSwitcher folder of your OBS Studio...

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Which step do you have problems with and what do you want me to elaborate on further? (note that this plugin will only work for 64 bit versions of OBS on windows since that is the version the person i made the plugin for uses)


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"If in Desktop" could mean several things. If you mean actually interacting with the shortcuts on your desktop and moving them around and so on, then the name of this application window should be "Program Manager". So if you want to switch to a scene named "Desktop Scene" when you are interacting with your Desktop, you would add the following line in the settings.txt file:

Program Manager, Desktop Scene

If you mean by "If in Desktop", that the Game (application?) is just not in focus, then no that is not possible at the moment. But you could just add a line saying to switch to a scene whenever you switch your other applications.
i meant, in desktop = "Not in fullscreen".
So it's fairly easy in that regard, but i don'ät know if it can be implemented.

Ah well, thing is i just have Games, and then Desktop.
So other application can be anything.

Would be nice if Game Capture (capture fullscreen auto thingy) could be used, like.
If Game Capture is active, use this scene, if not, use that scene.

Thanks for explaining:)


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I think i could add option to switch to a backup scene if no lines in the settings.txt file match the name of the window that is in focus. That should do the trick for your case. Ill see if i get around to doing that this weekend. (should be quite simple to implement)
Ah, well that might work, though was it possible to detect fullscreen games, without adding every single game?
Or was that not possible?



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Warmuptill updated Automatic Scene Switching with a new update entry:

Fixed a bug related to the settings file, added fullscreen detection, added backup scene, hotkey

I added the option to use a hotkey to disable the plugin from switching scenes. This hotkey can be set in the settings menu of OBS (settings -> hotkeys -> toggle automatic scene switching). This might become useful in combination with the backup scene which will be explained next.

I also added the option to switch to a certain scene when no window name in the settings file is currently in focus and the option to switch to a certain scene when the window that is focus is in fullscreen mode....

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This plugin is not working at all for me. I don't even get a greeting message when I launch OBS studio the first time after adding the plugin. Did a clean install of OBS and the plugin. Any idea what the problem might be?


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Are you using the 64 bit version of OBS studio?(only works on windows) Are you sure you put the files in the right directory?


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Had the same problem. Copied the SceneSwitcher.DLL from obs-studio/obs-plugins/64bit/ to obs-studio/bin/64bit/ and it worked like a charm after that.


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First of all: thank you so much for developing this. I was missing this feature a lot.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for me.

My log file says:
19:15:45.496: LoadLibrary failed for '../../obs-plugins/64bit/SceneSwitcher.dll', error: 126
19:15:45.496: Module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/SceneSwitcher.dll' not found

Full log file here:

SceneSwitcher.dll is in the right location ( ) and I am using the 64bit version of OBS-Studio.

Any ideas?