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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.18.0

  • Improve video condition:
    The improvements to the video condition have been achieved by relying on the functionality provided by OpenCV.
    This update includes a few of the OpenCV libraries and thus increased the size of the plugin for Windows and MacOS.
    Linux users will have to manually install the corresponding OpenCV 4 packages. (imgproc, objdetect)
    • Added pattern matching:
      Previously, you were only to perform actions based on an exact pixel-match of a selected video source and an input image.
      With this new functionality you can decide how similar the input image has to be to video source output or just match parts of an image.
      This can be useful if you have "noisy" video sources or cannot know the exact output of the video source beforehand.
      To test if the video source is matching the pattern one can click the "Show match" button.
      Below you can find an example of using the number "2" as an input pattern.
      It was correctly identified and highlighted in red in the video source:
    • Added object detection option:
      Besides pattern matching the option to identify "objects" in video sources was added by relying OpenCV's "Haar Cascades".
      A few face detection related example models have been included plugin's data directory.
      An example use case brought up on GitHub would be to automatically switch scenes based on in which camera you are currently looking.
      Similar to the pattern matching the "Show match" button will highlight any objects detected in the selected video source:
      (Face provided by
      I am not sure how much use this feature will find but it was very fun to implement. ;)
  • Add conditions "scene changed" and "scene has not changed"
    This should allow to simplify some macro setups which previously had to specify every single scene.
  • Added Studio mode related actions:
    • Add action to switch preview scene.
    • Add action to scene swap "Preview" and "Program" scene.
  • Add macro condition "Scene item transform".
  • Improved Hotkey action:
    An option was added to specify the duration a key is held down.
    Additionally, you can now limit the key presses to be sent only to OBS.
    This action is now also enabled on MacOS, although it is limited to only sending simulated key presses to OBS.
  • Add macro action and condition "Transition":
    The new transition action will allow you to set the current transition type and duration.
    The new transition condition will allow you to perform actions based on which transition is currently selected, its duration and also whether a transition is currently started or a transition ended.
    An example use case would be to automatically mute the microphone during a longer fancy transition and unmute it once it completes.
Minor additions and changes:
  • Escape settings when pressing "Get settings" and regular expressions are used.
  • Create a copy of the previous macro segment when inserting new segment.
  • Highlight newly added macro segments.
  • Validate window position before setting it.
  • Fix empty paths not saving on file tab.
  • Fix crash on clicking "Get settings" if source or filter is null.
  • Fix crash on OBS exit or when deleting sources whose settings were checked.
  • Save window position and size when using ESC or the "close" button.
  • Fix rapid scene switches repeatedly restarting certain transition types.
  • Expand date macro condition functionality.
    This condition type now supports specifying a range of time during which the condition will be true.
    For example:
    Time ranges can be selected using the options "before", "after" and "between" and a time point can be selected using the "at" option.
  • Fix crash when deleting macro that is currently running a "wait" action.
  • Fix wait action causing macros to be aborted randomly.
  • Fix matching settings of sources and filters using macro conditions.
    Previously, depending on which version of OBS you were using, the settings would only match when using "flat" json formatting, which was not used when pressing the "Get current settings" button.
  • Fix writing current scene to file.
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  • Allow scrolling in expanded comboboxes
  • Fix extended sequence aborting when using non-instant transitions
  • Backwards compatibility to older settings format was removed to make sure no duplicate condition and action selections are shown on the macro tab.

    Most users will not be affected by this, but just in case:
    If you haven't updated the plugin in a while and are afraid that some macro settings will be lost when updating...
    ... make sure to backup your settings, when prompted to.
    ... install a previous version of the plugin to automatically convert the settings. (1.15.1 for example)
    Affected settings are the old "count", "screen region" and "interval" macro conditions.
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  • Fix video condition not saving time constraint, logic and collapsed state.
  • Add note to network tab clarifying the requirement of the scene names having to match exactly.
Macro tab UI changes:
  • Add the ability to reorder, add and remove macro conditions and actions in place.
    These new controls will appear when hovering over a macro condition or action.
  • Persist collapse / expanded state of conditions and actions.
  • Add option to expand or collapse all macro actions or conditions.
    Right click inside the conditions or actions area to access these controls.
  • Prevent accidental edits of actions and conditions when scrolling by disabling scroll wheel interactions for widgets which have not explicitly gained focus by clicking on them.
Cursor macro condition changes:
  • Extend the mouse cursor macro condition to support detecting if the cursor was moved.
  • Add the option to show a frame highlighting the current screen region selected for a cursor macro condition.
  • Show current cursor position.
  • Fix crash on Wayland based Linux systems.
    Note that functionality relying on information provided X window manager (e.g. current foreground window) might not be functional on these systems.
Important note: The minimum supported version of OBS for this update is OBS 27!

The main focus of this update was to extend the capabilities of the macro tab once again.
  • Add macro condition and action "hotkey"
    The action will allow you to simulate key presses. (Windows and Linux only)
    The condition will allow you to trigger arbitrary macros with via hotkeys in OBS.
  • Add macro condition "Macro"
    The macro condition "Macro" contains the condition type previously named "Count" and also adds the option to check the condition state of other macros.
    This allows nesting of macro conditions in other macros.
    For example the following can now be configured using this new option:
    "If (scene 1 or scene 2 or scene 3 is active) for at least x amount of time"
  • Add macro filter condition and extend the filter action to allow modifying filter settings.
  • Add macro condition "timer" (previously known as "interval")
  • Add macro action and condition "scene item order"
  • Add macro action "scene transform"
  • Add macro condition "replay buffer"
  • Add support for arguments for macro action "run"
  • Add macro action "file", which will allow you to write or append to files
  • Add macro condition "date"
  • Add macro action and condition for virtual camera
  • Add option to only trigger window condition if the foreground window changed (Thanks jan-leila!)
  • Expand macro action plugin-state to support changing no-match behaviour
  • Add option to select "current scene" for some macro actions and conditions to reduce the need for multiple macros for each scene
  • Display more information about macros in collapsed state
Other changes:
  • Abort macro actions if a wait action was aborted by manual scene change
  • Place extended sequence widget in a scroll area
  • Allow matching empty files with the macro file condition and file tab
  • Format JSON strings whenever they are shown to the user to make editing them much easier
  • Set timeouts in curl calls to avoid blocking the whole plugin
  • Add a scene trigger to control virtual camera
  • Check for invalid settings on the transition tab which would result in the configured transitions to be ignored. (Thanks AuracleTech!)
  • Do not only check for libcurl in hardcoded paths (Should only affect Linux / MacOS)
Special thanks to ASchneider for his great support in testing and spotting bugs!
The main focus of this update was to extend the capabilities of the macro tab.
  • Macro actions:
    • Added macro action to control scene item visibility
    • Added macro action to control filters
    • Added macro action to control media sources
    • Added macro action to control source settings and en-/disable sources globally
    • Added macro action to stop the plugin
  • Macro conditions:
    • Added generic time constraint option to most macro conditions
    • Added macro condition which lets you trigger actions based on the settings or visibility or activity of sources
    • Added macro condition which lets trigger specified actions at a given interval
    • Added macro condition which lets you trigger actions based on how often other macros were run
  • Pause macros:
    • Added the option to un-/pause individual macros via the plugin's UI
    • Added the option to un-/pause individual macros via hotkeys
    • Added the option to un-/pause individual macros via other macros
      Pause1 Pause2
  • Added new network tab options:
    • Added option to synchronize preview scene
    • Added option to not send scene change messages
  • Added Russian locale (Thanks to Alex-1968!)
Other changes:
  • Reduced logging in non-verbose mode
  • The macro condition and action areas on the macro tab can now be resized
  • Fix rapid scene switches by random tab
  • Fix potential crash in audio macro action
  • Fix fullscreen and implement maximized checks for MacOS
Added the Macro tab

Macros will allow you to perform a string of actions based on a combination of conditions.
For example this will allow you to only used audio based scene switching if a certain window is currently in focus.
But the actions are also not limited to just scene switching so you could for example mute your microphone while a media source is playing.​
The macro actions currently supported are:​
  • wait
  • switch scene
  • audio un-/mute / set volume
  • streaming start / stop
  • recording start / stop / un-/pause
  • replay buffer start / stop / save
  • run a program
Macro conditions that are currently supported are:​
  • window
  • screen region
  • audio
  • file
  • media
  • video
  • stream
  • recording
  • scene
  • process
  • idle
I plan on mostly focusing development on this new functionality and will be slowly fading out other tabs which do the same thing but worse. (For example media / video / audio tab)
If you should disagree with this approach please let me know.

Other changes and fixes:
  • Add option "has changed" to video tab
  • Add option to set transition duration
  • Only send scene switch messages if scene was actually switched (Network tab)
  • Adjust default setting values of transition tab
  • Fix previous scene not working for some sequences
  • Fix transition overrides not restoring duration correctly
  • Reset tab order if config is invalid
  • Fix crash on Linux if no ewmh support is available
  • Re-enable network tab for MacOS
  • Add add option to use transition overrides for transition changes instead of changing the active transition.
    The option can be found on the transition tab.
  • Added option to save window state
    This new option can be found on the general tab and allows you to save the size and position of the plugin's settings window.

  • Fix Crash on macOS:
    The asio library ran into issues e.g. when the obs-websocket plugin (or others which rely on this library) was starting a server leading to a crash in the obs-websocket's listen() calls.
    As the use obs-websocket plugin is more widespread than the use of the advanced scene switcher's network features, the network tab functionality will be disabled for macOS for the time being.
    This is of course only a temporary measure to avoid crashes on macOS.

    The Windows and Linux versions of the pluign are not affected by this change.