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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.16.4

Added the option to temporary disable the Idle Detection depending on the window name of the window that is currently in focus (does support regular expressions)

Added the option to save Scene Round Trip configuration to a file and load Scene Round Trip configuration form a file. This was suggested by OBSnewby.

I still have not found the reason for the crash reported by John Hollowell, since i cant seem to recreate it. So please let me know if you also experience this problem!

(Note: the MacOS version does not include these updates, so it is unchanged)
Added the Idle Detection feature suggested by cwbshaw:
You can now specify a time span, after which, if no inputs were detected, it will switch to the specified scene. (Can be useful for scene switches during lectures / AFK detection during streaming, etc.)

Added the option to stop streaming / recording if switched to a specified scene in the Scene Round Trip tab. (suggested byInsaniaeter)
Please only enable it if you will actually use it and wont accidentally switch to this scene, since streaming / recording will be stopped without any additional notification or confirmation.

Added a section in the Screen Region tab to show the current coordinates of the mouse to make setting Screen Region switches easier.

Added the option to switch based on Executable (implemented by dasOven).
I personally havn't used or tested this feature, so let me know if there are any problems i have to work on.

Also included a MacOS version of the plugin. The fullscreen detection / Idle Detection / Executable features are not included in this version but the rest is should be working.

As usual please report any issues / bugs / crashes and let me know if you have any suggestions for additional features or changes!
Added the feature suggested by Jack0r:

You can configure a transition for each scene switch. You can set it up under the new tab "Transitions".

Also reordered the tabs.
You can now specify a transition for the different scene switches. (this might reset your scene switcher settings, sorry if this is the case) I will probably rework this at a later date. Just wanted to add something to start with.

Added the option to use files to control the scene switcher. (you can write the current scene to a file using the scene switcher and read from a file to switch to a scene)

Added support for regular expressions for Pause Windows.

You can now use negative values in Screen Regions. (Let me know if there is any unexpected behavior)

Scene switcher will now be running again on OBS start, if you left it running when closing OBS.

Fixed fullscreen check using the Desktop as current window.

Fixed a memory leak when using Pause Scenes.

As usual, if there are any problems let me know!
(Sorry for taking so long to fix the bugs)
Added hotkey back. (You can find it under settings -> hotkeys -> toggle start/stop advanced scene switcher)
Added pause windows (functions like pause scenes).
Removed a memory leak on opening the settings for the scene switcher.
Fixed ignore windows not catching OBS main window title(also for new pause windows). (Thanks to KomeijiKuroko)
Fixed OBS freeze / crash on close that could occur in rare cases when plugin was running.
Fixed issue with fullscreen detection preventing switchto backup scene.

Thanks to woodbyte for reporting the issue!
Fixed an issue where, when a Backup scene was set the Scene Round Trip would not work.

Added ability to cancel a Scene Round Trip but just switching to a different scene manually.
Forgot to include the locale file. Added it back now.
Added the UI for the scene switcher. You can find a description of it on the overview page of this plugin.

Since I rewrote a most of the plugin it is very likely that there are a few bugs (UI as well as functionality of the plugin). If you encounter any please let me know.

I don't have access to a Apple computer so i cant build/test this version of the plugin. I will do that as soon as possible.

I will add the Hotkey to pause the scene switcher back again as soon as i find time.

Sorry for taking so long to implement the UI.
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Fixed freeze that could occur when setting up long waiting delays and then trying to pause/stop (when changing the settings or using the pause hotkey mainly) the scene switcher during these waiting times.

Fixed possible memory leaks.

As usual, please report if you have any issues and or suggestions!