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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.11.2

Resolved the issue saying that "msvcp140d.dll". If you want to keep your old settings make sure you dont overwrite your old settings.txt file.

Sorry to anyone affected by this problem. It could have been easily avoided if I payed more attention.
I added the option to use a hotkey to disable the plugin from switching scenes. This hotkey can be set in the settings menu of OBS (settings -> hotkeys -> toggle automatic scene switching). This might become useful in combination with the backup scene which will be explained next.

I also added the option to switch to a certain scene when no window name in the settings file is currently in focus and the option to switch to a certain scene when the window that is focus is in fullscreen mode.

To enable these just add a line containing "Backup Scene Name,scene5" or "Fullscreen Scene Name,scene5" to the settings.txt file. (without quotes, and change scene5 to the name of the scene you wish to switch to). The settings file contains a few examples.

Lastly i fixed a bug that caused some of the entries in the settings file to be skipped.

I also changed some of the file and folder names to more fitting ones. I would recommend deleting the previous installation of this plugin if you should have installed it already (remove the DexterSceneSwitcher.dll in the obs-plugins folder and the DexterSceneSwitcher folder in the data\obs-plugins subdirectory of your OBS studio installation)
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