Possible to choose default window source with launch parameters?


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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to automate some things and was already very pleased to learn that the --startstreaming and --minimize-to-tray flags exist.
Though when launching my Flatpack OBS Studio with these parameters that has a scene with a window capture, I always get the question which window I want to share. Even if the application that I clicked "remember this selection" at the previous launch is running at the same time, it never seems to remember what source or application I want to use for capturing.

For now I'm using a full screen capture instead of window capture as a workaround to not get the pop-up but I was wondering if it's possible to set a default application for it so that OBS could check if a window of that application is available for it whenever it starts? Or to pass along a --source with the PID of the application so OBS could pick up on it or something?

Thanks in advance!