OBS is freezing my display capture, but is showing my mouse moving around.


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Obs hasn't been working for me for weeks now, meaning I can't stream or record video. Period. This is an issue because making media for my company and my own brand is essential.

It started out with just display capture freezing but you can still see my mouse moving on the screen, just it freezes on one image in obs.live, and doesn't show any interaction on the display.

Now its window and game capture that has been doing the same thing but not as consistently as the Display capture. In either situation (display, game, and window capture) when this happens it will capture the first item on display, and then not show any more changes, but you can see my mouse moving in OBS even though the image on Display/Game/Window capture doesn't work. I can't figure out why it's doing this. It worked fine for me before this new PC. And nothing hardware wise should be causing a problem. 2080 TI, Ryzen 3950, 32 GB RAM, etc. My monitors are both 2k resolution and using DP cables... I'd like to get back to streaming so badly.

Was the first log I did. It showed mis-matched refresh rated (my 2k monitors are at 144Hz, my vertical monitor for twitch chat is 60Hz since its a cheap 1080p monitor.)

Here is my Current Log Link - and analyzer link - with the third monitor unplugged, and it shows everything as fine but the issue persisted after this log (see the attached video clip inside the zip folder.)