Question / Help Screen Frames resize after I switch Media Source files for visuals

Hey guys; I seem to have a slight issue. In my scene on OBS, I am running a 4th window (3 others are for my cameras when live streaming). The window I have media source on it. I run .mp4 visual files while we live stream. Issue is when I switch .mp4 visuals around every 10 minutes or so during our live streams, the frame of the window resizes on its own; sometimes blowing up big and other .mp4's, I see the frame resize to a smaller window size, causing me to resize the window quickly manually while we are live streaming, and this is so annoying.

Im sure Im not the first person to have this issue and I apologize if this is being posted in the wrong category as well, but figured since I run OBS in Windows Id start here.

Now I read from several other forums regarding OBS that people have quoted stating that the issue comes from Windows screen size resolution that I have with my monitors to interfering with OBS's resolution settings. Is this true? I also heard that for me to run visual or .mp4's, its best to run them under Display Capture, but the issue with this is it captures one of my monitors and I use all the monitors during live stream.

So kinda stuck at this point trying to figure out an alternative to stop making the frames resize on their own when switching mp4's out.


I have this same issue. In my case it has to do with source files that have different resolution. It happens even if the source is locked.

Is there a way to force a media source to stick to the base resolution, and resize the source, similar to the way Image Slide Show does?

EDIT: I kinda figured it out. I used the Scaling/Aspect Ratio filter to change the resolution to the Base (Canvas) Resolution. It works well with 16:9 sources but distorts the edges of images even with "Undistort center..." enabled. Still hunting for a way to put black bars on the sides if the aspect ratio doesn't match.
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