1. B

    Resize Base and Output Res to current Source size

    So, say, I'm trying to capture a specific area of the display. I don't want to have black bars on the sides (or top and bottom): What I would currently have to do is go here: Then calculate 1200 - 100 - 100 and 1920 - 1500 - 220, then go to Settings and enter the resultant values here: Then...
  2. P

    Isn't it too much of a size?

    Hi, I'm facing a problem with recording games (R6 Siege) with OBS. So currently I've been testing a lot of presets and settings. I have 1080p, Lanczos and 60 fps set, currently h264 (as using AMD Radeon RX 570) over x264. So in conclusion: -CBR, no matter what bitrate (whether 5000, 8000...
  3. cwthorn

    Text option

    Text option - when you put in text you want to display. If you try and change the text size all it does is go to a blur. I am on the latest version of OBS.
  4. Under The Radar

    Question / Help Screen Frames resize after I switch Media Source files for visuals

    Hey guys; I seem to have a slight issue. In my scene on OBS, I am running a 4th window (3 others are for my cameras when live streaming). The window I have media source on it. I run .mp4 visual files while we live stream. Issue is when I switch .mp4 visuals around every 10 minutes or so...
  5. K

    Question / Help Massive File Sizes

    I finished setting up my OBS and just finished recording some 3-5 hour videos every day for the past week. Each size ranging from 40-80GB. What is the best way to decrease file size without removing too much quality? Would it be best to record my audio separate and link them together in post...
  6. bromagosa

    OBS Lua Transformer 1.0

    Fill in the origin and destination positions, dimensions and rotations for a source or group of sources, select an easing function among the 22 available ones and click on "Do it!" to trigger the animation. You can also trigger the animation via a hotkey. Thanks to Mun Films for sponsoring the...
  7. C

    Question / Help How to increase Chat Box Canvas size without stretching Chat text?

    Ok, so I'm trying to migrate from X-split into OBS because X-split heats my CPU quite a bit, and OBS does a much better job of 1080P60FPS without much trouble. I have pretty much everything i want working, except for the Chat box.. while it is easy to get exactly what I want on X-split...
  8. K

    Bug Report Issue with OBS 22.0.1 UPDATE: OBS layout issue

    I can't see the locks in the sources panel even if I resize the panel, and when I go to filters for my camera to make color correciton adjustments, the thumbnail is so tiny I can't see the adjustments I'm making. I have to resize that panel to the size of my screen before it becomes enlarged...
  9. K

    Bug Report OBS 22.0.1 UPDATE: Overlays Resize / Change Constantly

    My friend and I are both experiencing this issue on our OBS. Any overlays that have are linked to streamlabs (view counter, donation bar, etc.) change in size. I will open OBS and they will be shrunken or enlarged from where I had them set last night. I will even switch scenes and their sizes...