OBS Suddenly Recording Huge Video Files


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I've been using OBS (currently on OBS 27.2.4 64-bit Windows) record while streaming for some time now. It's not serious; just a hobby to encourage me to not forget one of my passions.

While moving files to flash drives for better CPU performance, I noticed that my videos absolutely ballooned in size since the 1st of December, more than four times their usual size (4 hours a stream).

Old file sizes: 2-4 gigs for about 4 hours
New file sized: 8-18 gigs for about 4 hours

I didn't change my video recording parameters, so I'm very confused as to why it's so different now. Also, desperately trying to compress the files so I can store them away and free up some all the space I'd intended to.

If you need me to make any attachments, don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you in advance.


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If you're using quality based rate control, the file size can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the scene being encoded. Higher motion and more detail will result in larger files.


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The jump in file size occurred while playing the same game. There wasn't a switch to a different title during the time in which the file sizes increased dramatically in size.

Furthermore, when I did switch games, it was to a much less complicated game with far less depth of graphics and movement to capture.