FPS / Encoding Overload Issues (Elgato HD60S+). No issues in Elgato Game Capture Software


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Here is the log of my last session:

I'm new to OBS. Setup my Elgato yesterday. At this time I'm just trying to record gameplay but I want to stream soon. I've recorded several sessions in the Elgato Game Capture HD software . No Lag, no frame drops, perfectly smooth 1080p 30fps recordings. I expected OBS to be even better or at least run as smooth as it's supposed to be the superior software but I've been having a lot of issues. First of I can't set the resolution of my Elgato to FHD and only to 720p. But even at 720p the gameplay is choppy, laggy and I experience constant frame drops in the recordings. OBS keeps telling me encoding overload. I'm not familiar with any of the settings and how things work. I'm scratching my head a bit, surely if the elgato software records so smoothly OBS should be able to do that too.

I'd really appreciate some help and or/advice.