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I had an interesting encounter today: My livestream was working, everything was in order, but suddenly, the audio input capture in OBS wasn’t receiving signal anymore. However, Logic Pro AND ATEM Mini software controller were receiving signal on the same Mac mini, just OBS wasn’t anymore.
I tried changing in the source from default to blackmagic design, nothing. Got back to default, nothing. Again to blackmagic design, sound entered. After 30 seconds, the signal stopped again. I restarted the app, reconnected the cables, nothing brought the signal back, only a full system restart.
The weird thing is that Logic Pro and ATEM mini software control were receiving the signal, as we use all the 3 apps together.

Did anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone know what the problem could’ve been? Does anyone know how to solve it?
It randomly cut the audio input in OBS.

We get the sound from an X32 rack via a usb directly in the Mac mini, then another jack with the sound goes from the X32 to the ATEM and the ATEM is connected via USB to the Mac mini.