1. A

    [Feature Request] Please allow random Latin letters or alphabets to be added to the name of the recording file.

    Currently, OBS STUDIO does not have a feature that allows you to add random Latin letters or alphabets to recording file names. Therefore, I cannot name the recording file with random characters like in the example below. "OBS_dnaakl.mp4, OBS_Dzspvm.mp4, OBS_Dj45bK.mp4" So I need a feature that...
  2. A

    Is it not possible to automatically name recorded files using random letters or random Latin alphabet?

    While using OBS STUDIO, I want to name the recorded files with random letters or random Latin alphabets, as in the example below, but I can't find a command for this. On the other hand, in the case of dates, there are commands such as %CCYY or %MM %DD. OBS_anqosoba.mp4 OBS_214aqaob.mp4...
  3. Firetime

    OBS Lua Random Playout 2024-01-28

    Explanation LUA script that converts OBS into a random Playout application. After each show it displays a schedule of the next three upcoming shows with a random background music track. After the schedule it plays a short moment of Zen/interlude video before starting the next show. Setup Create...
  4. A

    How can I name my recording files with random alphabets?

    I want to name the recording file a random alphabet. What command should I use? For dates, i can use commands like %CCYY or %MM, but I'm not sure about alphabets.
  5. Enderfox

    Random Automatic Filter Change

    Hello guys, i wanted to know how i can make a filter of obs-shaderfilter (the one that is called user-defined-filter) that you give it a set of shaders from file and it toggles between them at a set speed or a random time. For example: time: 2 seconds shader1: crt.shader shader2: bloom.effect...
  6. T

    Audio Input Capture stopped

    Hello! I had an interesting encounter today: My livestream was working, everything was in order, but suddenly, the audio input capture in OBS wasn’t receiving signal anymore. However, Logic Pro AND ATEM Mini software controller were receiving signal on the same Mac mini, just OBS wasn’t anymore...
  7. Genshin DPS Calc

    I have finally fix the legendary INTERVAL STUTTER issue, and I wish OBS would integrate it within the setting.

    For years I have been frustrated by the random stutters that appear every few minutes or so, using both of my PC (old and new). So after spending weeks of trials and errors, I have finally able to fix it 100% (at least for the recording), and I can even manipulate the stutters, and predict when...
  8. A

    Random Buzz after PC upgrade

    Hello! I am having an issue with random loud buzzes in my videos. This started happening a few weeks after my PC upgrade, didn't initially happen. It sounds like this (0:12) and can't correlate it with anything in particular...
  9. BadaqMeAjuda

    OBS Lua Random Toggler v1.0.0 1.0.0

    Based on Exeldro's Source Toggle I've made a version that let's you randomly toggle one source from a scene via hotkey.
  10. G

    Internal game push to talk

    Hi, im playing Valorant. And im using the Game internal Push to Talk feature to talk to random other persons. I want to stream those messages too. When i use it, i just can here myself talking and answering. Is it possible to make the push to talk feature of my teammates also hearable in my...
  11. D

    Streaming PC has single period of High CPU usage then goes back to normal

    Hello everyone, I've had this issues for awhile now and have yet to figure out the exact root of the problem. I'm running a dual PC set up with the streaming pc composed of a i5 4690k OC at 4.27 gHz and a GTX 960. I can stream for several hours without any issue, CPU usage running around...
  12. freakrho

    OBS Python Random browser source url rotation 1.0

    Have a browser source rotate its url taken randomly from a text file
  13. G

    OBS paused local recording randomly (Stream continued though)

    Without me switching scenes or doing anything out of the ordinary, OBS just paused my local recording for no reason. I do not have this on a hotkey or anything, and the stream continued meanwhile. Any ideas why this happened? Please find the log file attached (timestamp is 19:50:22.738: output...
  14. H

    Question / Help Random lines everywhere on window

    What the hell is this? How do I fix it? Ty
  15. O

    Question / Help Stream randomly crashes

    SLOBS and OBS-Studio both crash at random times. Anywhere from 5min-3hrs, but mostly in the 20-30min range right now. I have looked everywhere online and nothing i have found has helped. The weird thing is that neither program is producing a crash log(The log i have attached is the only log that...
  16. S

    Question / Help Asking The Pros-Stream Stops Randomly

    I have had issues since day one trying to get my stream to just stream through one entire stream without shutting down. I'm in search of anyone who can help me get this fixed!! Please let me know what information you want/need from me. Herel Is the link for the latest log file as well...
  17. D

    Question / Help OBS crashes randomy

    Hello, i need help my obs is crashing randomly without any warning message. I can not show you a crash report because there simply is no report. because OBS is not even asking me if I want to save a crash report. Sometimes it also crashes while a transition is shown Pls help
  18. Der Fleischmann

    Bug Report OBS crashing on start and randomly

    Hey guys, just got my new Elgato 4k60 Pro recently and everything worked fine first, but after a couple of days my OBS runs rather unstable and crashes on start or during the stream randomly. I attached you guys the minidump and logfiles from a few minutes ago. It would be awesome, if you could...