Question / Help Asking The Pros-Stream Stops Randomly


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I have had issues since day one trying to get my stream to just stream through one entire stream without shutting down.
I'm in search of anyone who can help me get this fixed!!

Please let me know what information you want/need from me.
Herel Is the link for the latest log file as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!!


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All streaming attempts in that log show that the stream was stopped by user input. Do you have a hotkey set to 'stop streaming' that might be accidentally being pressed? If not, we need a logfile from a session where the shutdown occurred.
By 'shutdown', do you mean the stream ended? Or did your computer literally shut down? In the latter case, grab something like RealTemp or Motherboard Monitor; you very well may be hitting a thermal safety shutdown as real-time video encoding is an extremely demanding task, and can make CPUs run very hot. Dangerously hot, if the cooling is already borderline.

You do also show a large amount of render delay and encoding lag, even with the encoder set to Ultrafast. AMD APUs are notoriously anemic, to put it politely. Your system may simply not be up to the task of streaming.

Do be aware that decoding video from a capture card, as well as decoding video from a webcam, and running browser sources all use CPU.
Try making a fresh scene with ONLY your capture device in it. It's... worth a try?