Random Buzz after PC upgrade


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I am having an issue with random loud buzzes in my videos. This started happening a few weeks after my PC upgrade, didn't initially happen.
It sounds like this (0:12) and can't correlate it with anything in particular: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yaT4S2aNwvWKbTZZF0mDVzJK5y5vYLZd/view?usp=sharing
Log file from the above video attached down below.

Was thinking it might have something to do with faulty USB ports, but tried connecting my audio interface to both front and back ports and same thing happens.

PC specs
- Audio setup: PC --> Motu M2 (interface) with USB --> Shure SM7b
- GPU rtx 3080 ti (I used NVENC)
- CPU i9 12900k
- 32gb ddr5 ram
- motherboard: Asus Prime-A z690
- PSU: corsair rm1000x (1000w)


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