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SLOBS and OBS-Studio both crash at random times. Anywhere from 5min-3hrs, but mostly in the 20-30min range right now. I have looked everywhere online and nothing i have found has helped. The weird thing is that neither program is producing a crash log(The log i have attached is the only log that has ever been created, there is nothing in the crashes folder). When this issue started I had just upgraded to a Ryzen 3700X. Before i used NVENC and never had any issues. I am currently using x264 with a bitrate of 6000. CPU usage is on medium/fast(neither seem to change anythign with the crashing) None on profile and tune. under x264 options i had [Thread=10] but removing that shoes no change either. CPU usage is around 15-25% with overall CPU being 45-50%. I have 32GB RAM, nothing exept my GPU is close to 100%.


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