1. Breanu

    OBS Randomly Crashes/Closes During Stream (No Crash Log)

    Two streams in a row i've had OBS just up and close on me for seemingly no reason. It gives no error and just closes without a crash report. The first time I lost audio on my capture card, I then went to re-make the source and it closed . Another time I was just streaming minecraft and it closed...
  2. O

    Question / Help Stream randomly crashes

    SLOBS and OBS-Studio both crash at random times. Anywhere from 5min-3hrs, but mostly in the 20-30min range right now. I have looked everywhere online and nothing i have found has helped. The weird thing is that neither program is producing a crash log(The log i have attached is the only log that...
  3. K

    Question / Help OBS Update won't open

    I'd been using OBS for months with no issues, including within the last week or two, then Saturday i finally did the update it kept asking for, and now, it crashes anytime I open it. It'll sort of open, like the window pops up as if it's opening, but then it'll close immedietly before it even...