1. Dihelson Mendonca

    When I connect Atem Mini Pro on OBS, I get no sound or terrible sound quality.

    Hello, fellows, please help me with that: When I connect Atem Mini Pro as a capture device in OBS for recording or streaming, I have excellent image, but either I get no sound, or a very bad sound that is unusable to record through OBS. My Laptop runs Windows 10 latest version, Atem Software...
  2. T

    Audio Input Capture stopped

    Hello! I had an interesting encounter today: My livestream was working, everything was in order, but suddenly, the audio input capture in OBS wasn’t receiving signal anymore. However, Logic Pro AND ATEM Mini software controller were receiving signal on the same Mac mini, just OBS wasn’t anymore...
  3. B

    Can I trigger a video to play in OBS using Streamdeck/Companion ?

    I'm debating whether to purchase a Hyperdeck for the ATEM Extreme mixer I have to play back videos and also graphics/lower thirds - is that something I can get OBS to do on the same computer I'm running the ATEM Control Panel on ? Would I need to feed that computer out as HDMI (or convert to SDI...
  4. J

    ATEM Pro Live picture error

    Good evening, we have the following live set up. From the Atem Extrem Pro via USB to a laptop (I7-8550U 1.8 GHz processor, Radeon RX550 graphics card and 16 GB RAM) to OBS Studio. The image arrives flawlessly in the Atem. After a certain time, picture errors occur in OBS. There are no real...
  5. J

    OBS Live Bilder Probleme

    Guten Abend, wir haben folgendes Live Set Up. Vom Atem Extrem Pro per USB in einen Laptop (I7-8550U 1,8 GHz Prozessor, Radeon RX550 Grafikkarte und 16 GB RAM) zu OBS Studio. In dem Atem kommt das Bild einwandfrei an. Nach einer gewissen Zeit treten bei OBS Bildfehler auf. Es sind keine...
  6. L

    OBS crashes mid-stream and won't process ATEM mini pro as video capture device anymore

    Hi. Today, in the middle of stream, OBS crashed (no scene switch, everything was static), and after rebooting obs, the capture device wouldn't process incoming video from a Blackmagic ATEM Mini pro. I know that the device itself works, because my windows "camera" app correctly handles the...
  7. L

    Question / Help ATEM on OBS and Skype

    Hello, my name is Luciano. How to use ATEM how to exit video for OBS and Skype? Simultaneously.
  8. F

    OBS and Blakcmagic ATEM television studio 1

    Dear people, I would like OBS to see Blackmagic ATEM television studio 1 as a caputre card. and that with the Software of Blackmagic ATEM television studio 1 you can also change the scenes.