1. 700hours

    Free Chat-tacular

    Chat-tacular A Twitch chat viewer tool A long time ago in the space of the last decade there was an OBS Classic plugin that captured Twitch chat which seemed simple and unique. Since then that plugin was lost in the transitioning of files from place to place. After some thought and observation...
  2. B

    My video recording is choppy

    I just downloaded obs on my laptop. (windows 10) When record my game, it was not laggy when I was playing but the recording is really choppy. can anyone help, please and thankyou!
  3. rianradeck

    Stream bitrate goes to 0 when display capture is visible - Youtube

    Stream starts with no problem on youtube since you do not show your display. I tried with game capture and image capture and both worked fine, but as soon as I click to show my screen the stream bitrate drops to 0 and youtube closes it. Have no ideia why, but it works just fine on twitch this...
  4. S

    Prevent horizontal stretching with mini DV capture

    I have a Sony HandyCam mini DV camcorder. Trying to capture my movies before this dinosaur gives out. My question is what are the correct settings in OBS to avoid the horizontal stretching / distortion that is taking place during the capture process? I want to preserve the aspect ratio of the...
  5. L

    OBS with El Gato Capture Card Freezing

    I used to stream, but I stopped for a while. I booted up OBS online to find out that OBS wasn't capturing the ElGato. To be exact, the program was capturing the console (ps5 to be exact) for a few moments, only to suddenly freeze. When I tried to fix it by either deactivating and reactivating...
  6. G

    VHS conversion glitches

    I am having a problem with converting VHS tapes with an EasyCAP AV to USB converter hooked up to OBS. One tape worked completely fine, (it was an SVHS tape) but any other normal VHS tape has glitches and artifacts making the video unwatchable. Is there any way I can fix this? Example...
  7. T

    Window Capture Issue

    Hiya OBS Support, I'm currently attempting to stream a game that uses a sort of pop-out chat that's still tied to the main window. It's normally just stuck to the side of the primary window as seen in the first screenshot, but when I attempt to stream the game's window it overlays the chat on...
  8. jeran

    Nightmare With OBS Window Capture Distortion/Black Screens and Very Odd Behavior!

    I have used OBS for years without issue. It always worked flawlessly. Recently my Windows 8 became unstable and so I upgraded to Windows 10. Before doing so I exported my profile and scene collections. I then installed windows which went perfectly well. Then I installed the newest OBS version...
  9. G

    Multiple video capture cards

    Hi! Like for the thread below I'm searching for a capture card with a driver that can allow me to use multi instances of OBS to record and execute a massive ingest of vhs through s-video connector and PAL standards. My attempts are vain with OBS on Windows to capture multiple sources with...
  10. Vipes

    Bug report w/ obs 26.1.1 and Windows

    Hi, not too sure where to post bug reports but I figure the forum is the spot for it. I have a little issue with OBS's capture on a 4k screen using (windows) HDR. The capture is not updating properly until I release any kind of input I am doing, such as mouse click, drag operations, etc. For...
  11. M

    Microphone detected but not recorded

    Hi, First, please excuse my English, it's not my native language, so I'll do my best to be clear ! I'm encountering a strange issue with OBS: Even if my microphone (a USB Blue Yeti) is displayed and seem to capture the ambient sounds in the audio mixer, when I record a video and play it back...
  12. OBS&ZoomED

    Can you combine 2 audio inputs in OBS to send to ZOOM?

    Hello, this is my first post ever on a forum! Can I combine my iPhone's audio & video with a second audio stream and export them all out to ZOOM? (See my 2 set-ups in the attached files) I can't figure out how to capture my iPhone's audio! I was using NDI to capture my iPhone video but with the...
  13. J

    Screen capture & sound

    Hello, I would like to take a screenshot of a number on a web page, and be notified of a sound when it changes. Otherwise it would force me to keep my eyes riveted on the screen and in the long run could get boring quickly. Is that possible ? Thank you in advance for your answers. Have a...
  14. Eddie Edwards

    Media Source Question

    I am using a Cannon HD recorder with an AverMedia CO38 USB capture card on windows 10. I am unable to view the video camera's content on the computer as only a blue screen visible. Is anyone else having a similar issue? If so how can it be corrected?
  15. E

    2nd screen not showing in Display Capture's Display List

    well, what the title says. any suggestions or further info needed? edit: when changing the order of the screens it shows both of them, but maybe still an interesting question for the development team
  16. P

    Game capture leaving black areas?

    I have a strange issue after the last update. Now when I use game capture for Rust, or various other games; the game capture seems to only want to capture what is close to your eyes. Things further back become black, like they are not rendered in. I can turn on Display Capture and things are...
  17. S

    Game record doenst work

    Hello, ive got a problem. I was streaming cs:go and everything worked fine. The next moment i restarted the game and now there is just a blackscreen. the Game capture does not work with ANY other game either (or programm). The simple solution on ever youtube video or the support of Streamlabs...
  18. M

    Display Frozen, Yet No Lag

    Whenever I do a display capture, I'm able to see my cursor move just fine and my system doesn't seem to slow down. There's no encoding overload and I can record myself visually with my webcam just fine, the issue is solely with capturing displays, like youtube videos. I've switched the encoder...
  19. F

    MiraBox capture card not displaying my Xbox one on my TV (Black screen)

    Hi there, I have just received my MiraBox capture card today. Set it up correctly with my Xbox one. it displays my Xbox one home dash bored on my Mac laptop using OBS. But every time I plug the HDMI into my TV it goes black. I am using an old non HD Panasonic TV, which could be the problem. I...
  20. C

    Problem option capture game

    I have had problems with the capture game option in obs, as the screen looks black. I have tried to put the obs in administrator, but it has not worked either. To complete and that you can help me more in depth in my problem tell you that the full screen capture function if it works in a good...