OBS capture jitter


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I'm having a persistent issue with OBS that I've been unable to solve.

Basically, it seems like OBS captures at an uneven pace. Display, Window, Game capture, makes no difference.
I have two monitors, one at 120hz, the other at 60hz, though the issue persists even when both monitors are set to 60hz.
I'm at my wit's end. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

Log File:

4:00, walking through the corridor should be smooth, it's not.

The recording was made using a fresh scene with only the game capture present.
You can clearly see the intermittent stuttering (that is present in both the OBS preview and final recording) while the game doesn't budge from 60fps whatsoever.
I see NO stutter playing the actual game. It's also worth noting that this is one of the smoothest games for me when it comes to OBS capturing it correctly, I can add additional information from a more stuttery candidate if need be.


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Another example:

Log file from that recording:

The issue can be seen immediately in that recording.
Playback frame by frame in MPC:HC shows obvious duplicated frames.
The issue seems to get worse when actively broadcasting over just recording locally.


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1. Set both monitors to 60 Hz.
2. Cap your games at 60 FPS.

If still having issues, disable/uninstall streamelements. If still having issues after that, post new log. Stick with the 1 scene, 1 game source profile.


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I'd tried both monitors at 60hz and the problem persisted.
Games were always capped at 60hz, the issue does get worse if left to reach 120hz.

I hadn't considered uninstalling the Stream Elements parts in OBS, so I tried that and the issue is considerably better!
It still seems like the 60fps capture falls out-of-sync with the 60hz game intermittently but overall it's heavily reduced.


Bump! Me and my friends get same problem!But we have amd gpu.I think problem with frame sync but i dont know how to fix i try all :( Nothing help.Maby if lock fametime in obs but how?I check twitch lot of people who stream have this problem.


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I can't for the life of me figure out how to eliminate the issue completely.
Using OBS without StreamElements add-ons definitely helped though.

In Back 4 Blood, for example, I can capture a surprisingly smooth 60fps.
Opening and closing the pause menu, however, will randomly make OBS fall out-of-sync with the game somehow, resulting in a constant stutter (in recording, not seen in-game) until the pause menu is opened and closed again (sometimes it takes a few tries to fix).

Same issue with basically all games, though can easily repeat it with Back 4 Blood.
It has to be an OBS issue, right?


OBS Devs please add to game capture frame buffer.No encoder lag all fine in obs and in game but on record and stream i see jitter.It async frame problem 100%!