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    OBS capture jitter

    I'm having a persistent issue with OBS that I've been unable to solve. Basically, it seems like OBS captures at an uneven pace. Display, Window, Game capture, makes no difference. I have two monitors, one at 120hz, the other at 60hz, though the issue persists even when both monitors are set to...
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    Stream lagging not sure why.

    Hi guys, I've been enthusiastic about streaming for a while now and I have the PC and internet for it, however even after following guides from people like eposvox I'm running into the problem of my stream being laggy as hell and I don't know why. I'll post as much possible information about my...
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    Micro-stuttering on recordings

    Greetings, I want to get as much info across with as little text as possible, for your convenience, so forgive this formatting. The problem TL;DR: I suddenly have micro-stutters appearing in my recorded footage, where this was previously not the case when I ran on "worse" hardware. - I record...