Window Capture Issue


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Hiya OBS Support,

I'm currently attempting to stream a game that uses a sort of pop-out chat that's still tied to the main window. It's normally just stuck to the side of the primary window as seen in the first screenshot, but when I attempt to stream the game's window it overlays the chat on the same image as seen in the second screenshot, flickering incessantly.
I know there must be a way to just capture the game proper as I can stream it through Discord totally fine but I'm not even really sure what the actual issue is to properly look for solutions. I've managed to do a full display capture and crop it to the desired area, but if possible I'd rather not be doing it in such a way that I can accidentally show something unintended (bringing up browser/Discord) or have do readjust the crop if the window moves.

Thanks for any help!



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